What color curtains look good in the bedroom? What should be paid attention to when choosing the color of bedroom curtains?

When the bedroom is being decorated, the choice of curtains is a must, so I need to guide me to install what color curtains look good, not only that, but also what to pay attention to when choosing the color of bedroom curtains, because There are many things that affect the choice of color. When choosing a color, it must not only conform to the scientific collocation standard, but also conform to the overall decoration style of the family.

What color curtains look good in the bedroom?

1. People call red, orange and other colors warm colors, and cyan colors are called cool colors. cold. Purple is composed of red which is a warm color and cyan which is a cool color, so purple and green are called warm colors. Black, white, gray, gold, silver and other colors are called neutral colors.

2. The temperature sense of color is relative. For example, achromatic (such as black/white) and chromatic (yellow-green and other colors), the latter is warmer than the former; from the perspective of achromatic itself, black is warmer than white; from the perspective of chromaticity, the same color contains red/orange/yellow When there are many ingredients, it is warmer, and when there are many green ingredients, it is colder. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that a certain color is cool or warm.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the color of bedroom curtains?

1. In the bedroom curtains, the curtains must not choose unlucky patterns. This kind of meaning is not good, and it will have a bad impact on the health and love of the family. For example, there are many skeletons, dolls with strange shapes, and ferocious animals, etc. These should not appear on the curtains, especially in the elderly room and children’s room. , we should avoid using it.

2. White is generally a more versatile color, such as purple, blue, rose red, etc., can be matched with white. This kind of matching can bring out the romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. In the bedroom curtains, do not use light-toned curtains such as beige or white, because such colors will make the bedroom look too pale and lack a warm feeling.

3. Among the taboo colors for bedroom curtains, do not choose black and red, because these two extreme colors will make people feel bad emotions, and it is easy to make people’s emotions develop towards extremes. Also, pay attention to the matching of directions. One is that using white in the northwest can promote the luck of the nobles. The other is that using brown or earthy colors in the southwest can increase the stable energy of the parents. Single you bring good luck.

The above explained what color curtains look good in the bedroom. In fact, individuals can choose according to No. 2, but I also need to know what to pay attention to when choosing curtain colors. It makes the whole decoration look chaotic, so the choice of color has certain scientific standards and needs to be carried out under the guidance of professionals, and if the color matching is not scientific, it will affect the health of the body.

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