How to choose the color of bedroom curtains? What are the styles of bedroom curtains?

The bedroom pays more attention to comfort and privacy in home decoration. Therefore, curtains are generally installed in the bedroom, so that privacy can be guaranteed when resting. Moreover, during the day It can also block the sun well. Nowadays, there are many optional curtains in the market, regardless of color and style, and many friends don’t know how to choose. In fact, there are still many skills in choosing bedroom curtains. Mastering these skills can help you choose more suitable curtains. So, how to choose the color of bedroom curtains? What are the styles of bedroom curtains?

How to choose the color of bedroom curtains?

1. The white color of the curtains: The color of the bedroom curtains does not matter how eye-catching it is. Sometimes it may be just a touch of white or beige, which can decorate a beautiful home. Take this bedroom curtain color below as an example! Although it is pure white that is too simple to be ordinary, but it is matched with pink bedroom decoration tones to make the bedroom more warm and sweet. The little bow on the curtains is also very beautiful after being tied, no matter whether the curtains are closed or open, it is a beautiful scenery in the bedroom.

2. The pink color of the curtains: The light pink bedroom curtains make the bedroom look like a princess. DIY a set of photo walls next to the bedroom to make the bedroom more colorful. The small round table and two wooden stools next to the window allow the owner to enjoy the sun bathing there, or read a book or even do some needlework through the natural light outside there. Either way, it’s a treat.

3. Curtain color white + red + purple: bedroom curtains with beige as the main color. Make the curtains look more fashionable and elegant, full of personality. This style of bedroom curtains is especially suitable for children’s rooms or young girls’ rooms, simple, stylish, cute and playful.

What are the styles of bedroom curtains?

1. Flat-pull bedroom curtains are a common curtain style. This style is relatively simple, without any decoration, random in size, easy to hang and lift, and suitable for most windows. It is divided into one side flat pull type and double side flat pull type. However, different production methods and the use of auxiliary materials can also produce pleasing visual effects.

2. Cushion-type bedroom curtains are also very common. It can be decorated with a bow in the middle of the curtain. The curtain can be lifted to one side or to both sides to form a soft arc. Very beautiful.

3. The lintel-style bedroom curtains are more complicated, but the decorative effect is better. It can cover the rough curtain rails and the distance between the top of the curtain and the roof, making the interior more tidy and beautiful. With the popularity of Roman rails, you can also choose a style that combines curtains.

The above is the answer to “How to choose the color of bedroom curtains? What are the styles of bedroom curtains? “The specific introduction of “, after understanding some principles that need to be followed in the selection of bedroom curtain colors, and some common styles of bedroom curtains, everyone should be able to better understand what kind of curtains to install in the bedroom, which can better match the overall decoration style. It can also more effectively match the needs of home decoration, and the matching of accessories can also be more convenient and practical.

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