What color to choose for bedroom curtains

The bedroom is a place for people to rest, so it should be based on the premise of making people rest comfortably and steadily, and curtains occupy a large area in the living room, and they are in bright areas, so when choosing The colors of the interior walls, floors and furnishings are matched to form a unified and harmonious environment. Today, the editor will introduce to you what color matching is better for the curtains in the bedroom.

The color of the bedroom curtains affects the mood

1. If the window is facing the glass Curtain wall buildings, glass curtain walls will reflect sunlight into the house, forming “light evil”, which makes people emotionally unstable and prone to mental problems. You can install gauze curtains and keep the curtains down until sunset, because the glass curtain wall buildings only serve as one side after sunset. If there is a neon light tube outside the window, the curtain will be drawn day and night. If the windows are facing the hospital or sharp corners, unclean things, etc., and they are very close, wooden shutters should be installed on the windows to prevent evil spirits from entering, and it is better to open them as little as possible.

2. Too thick curtains will reduce family reunion, and gorgeous patterns will have rare visitors. Simple or patterned patterns are the best choice for home window decorations.

3. For a dark north-facing room, neutral and cool tones are suitable, with an elegant mood; for a sunny room with better lighting, choose millet red or yellow curtains to adjust the strong light into a delicate atmosphere. Astigmatism, coordinate yin and yang.  

4. Try not to use pink curtains as much as possible, it will make people suffer from cerebral neurasthenia, panic, anxiety, easy to lose their temper, and quarrels will inevitably happen frequently.

5. The curtains and the ground should try to avoid the color matching of red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple, so as to avoid bad psychological feelings.

The color of bedroom curtains affects the overall feeling

1. Generally, the top surface should be light-colored to make people feel light, and dark colors to make people feel heavy. The treatment of any room is mostly from top to bottom, from light to deep. For example, the ceiling and walls of the room are white and light-colored, the dado is white and light-colored, and the baseboard is dark-colored, which will give people a light-hearted feeling. On the contrary, top-heavy and bottom-heavy will give people a sense of top-heavy oppression

2. Choose the color according to the orientation of the room. The east-facing room is separated early because it is exposed to sunlight early. Darkens the room early, so using light warm colors is often safe. The room facing south has a long sunshine time, and the use of cool colors often makes people feel more comfortable, and the effect of the room is also more attractive. Because the room facing west is affected by the strong sunset in the day, it seems to be more pleasant to use dark and cool colors. Because there is no direct sunlight in the north-facing room, you should tend to use warm colors when choosing colors, and the chroma should be light.

About what color is better for bedroom curtains, the editor summarizes some relevant information for you from two aspects. Hope to bring you some useful help when you choose.

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