What color curtains go with a blue sofa? What are the tips for color matching?

There are many cases about color matching in daily life. The common ones are the color matching on the clothes. Good color matching can make you look fashionable and instantly improve your grade. In the home, the color matching is not to be underestimated for the transformation of the environment, so let’s introduce to you the relevant knowledge about what color curtains go with the blue sofa and the color matching skills. Let’s take a look.

What color curtains go with a blue sofa

1. Blue is in our In daily life, blue blood has a very high evaluation. The British call noble blood “blue blood”, and blue is considered the color of expectation in our country. The blue sofa is matched with white or light yellow curtains, which is more natural and fashionable in visual effect, highlighting the elegant, cozy and comfortable warm atmosphere of the space to a large extent. It can also be matched with nearby colors according to the Dalami color matching tips.

2. When choosing colors, you must consider the visual balance of the overall interior space. The blue sofa gives people an elegant and luxurious feeling. You can choose some nearby colors when choosing the color of the curtains. Such as green, purple, light blue, yellow, etc. It should be noted that yellow and blue are contrasting colors, and the area should not be too large when yellow is used.

3. When it comes to blue, we will naturally think of the comfort and comfort in the Mediterranean style. The whole space is like the sea breeze blowing slowly, which can greatly relax the body and mind. The British style pays more attention to the solemn and comfortable atmosphere in terms of visual effects. The more common color matching is mainly log color, beige, white, etc. In the selection of curtain color, you can choose some light colors, such as: light beige, light yellow, white, etc. Such a matching can be widely used. To a certain extent, it increases the fashionable and warm feeling of the space.

4. If you like a more refreshing effect, choose light curtains with white as the base tone, and you can also bring some pastoral-style small florals, but pay attention to the flowers not being overwhelming, they must be elegant. The cushion can be selected in the same color as the curtain, or it can be a blue (same color as the sofa) cushion and a white cushion arranged together.

What are the color matching skills

1. The sun is outgoing. The color of the sofa release should be in line with the personality of the owner. If the owner is an extrovert and full of enthusiasm for life, then he should choose a bright color, such as red and yellow, which represent infinite passion and motivation.

2. Gentle and restrained. If the owner has a moderate personality, you can choose some relatively pure light-color series, such as gray, beige and green, which can give people a relaxed feeling, and the living room is more suitable for relaxation and rest.

3. Simple. For example, a purple wall can be matched with a blue sofa, noble purple and elegant blue can be said to be a perfect match, and a white wall can be matched with a beige sofa, which can also give people an infinite sense of purity.

We will introduce to you here the relevant knowledge about what color curtains go with a blue sofa and what are the color matching skills. The correct collocation of colors can enhance people’s taste of life, improve people’s mood, and at the same time enhance the happiness of life. It can be seen that the importance of color to home life, and the case of color collocation we introduced above is just as a reference. If you have other ideas, you might as well put them into practice.

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