Precautions for custom-made curtains? Quotation for custom curtains?

When purchasing curtains, they generally need to be customized, because the size and style of the windows of each apartment type are different, so we customize the curtains when purchasing curtains would be more appropriate. But we know that there are some matters needing attention when custom-made curtains, so let’s introduce the precautions for custom-made curtains? Quotation for custom curtains?

Precautions for custom-made curtains

1. Before ordering curtains, of course You must first figure out the size of your window, and compare and choose according to the size. The solution is to use a tape measure to measure the height and width of the window first. Remember to measure the distance between the upper and lower walls of the window and the window, first determine the length of the curtains, you can know the total length of the curtains you want to order, and you can also budget when choosing fabrics.

2. Note that if there is no curtain rod at home, the width of the curtain should generally be about 10 cm wider than the window on both sides. If there is a curtain rod, remember to measure the width Measure the width of the curtain rod, not the width of the window. The bottom should depend on the style of the curtains, short curtains should also be about 20 cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill; floor-to-ceiling curtains should generally be 2 to 3 cm away from the ground.

Quotation for custom-made curtains

1. Cloth price for making curtains: 40 yuan/meter (the general price ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan

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2. The price of cloth tape for custom-made curtains: 16 yuan/meter (the general price is about 6-25, it is used to fix the hook, so choose a slightly better one, otherwise it will cost you to wash it twice

3. Lace price for custom-made curtains: 6 yuan/m The effect is not obvious and it looks cumbersome. It is recommended to choose only the horizontal side of the mopping floor. It looks cumbersome on short curtains.

4. The track price of custom-made curtains: 20 yuan/meter (the general price is about 6-30 yuan, and the 20 yuan one belongs to aluminum alloy.

p>The above we have introduced to you about the precautions for custom-made curtains? The related issues of the quotation of custom-made curtains. We should have some understanding of these problems. Generally, curtains need to be customized. In this case, it is very important for our home environment. It will be more suitable, so we should also pay attention to some related matters when ordering, so that the custom-made curtains will be better.

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