What are the advantages of blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains?

In daily life, in order to cover unnecessary light, the owner needs to equip the science area with curtains. Some houses that will be illuminated by the west in summer need better curtains. If the furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time , it is easier to have problems such as fading. At this time, curtains become an indispensable product and one of the common soft decorations. After all, what are the advantages of blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains?

What are the advantages of blackout curtains?

1. The main advantage of blackout curtains is their good shading effect. Widely used in the family. Blackout curtains can block the heat radiation of the outside sun, so its heat insulation effect is very good, and it is often used in decoration, especially in summer, it can isolate the hot sun outside, and you will not feel hot indoors.

2. Blackout curtains also have a strong decorative effect. Like curtains of other materials, they have rich patterns and can well decorate the home. And the use of blackout curtains is very wide, and can be seen in homes, hotels, offices and other occasions.

How to choose blackout curtains?

1. The size of blackout curtains should be determined according to the size of the window. The curtains must cover the windows to achieve the shading effect. Usually floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows can choose floor-to-ceiling curtains, and windows with windowsills higher than the floor You can use floor-to-ceiling curtains, or you can use window sill curtains.

2. There are many fabrics for curtains, such as cotton, yarn, satin, man-made fibers, etc., and the fabrics that are more suitable for blackout curtains include flocking curtains and satin curtains. Thick, luxurious, good shading and sound insulation.

3. Generally, curtains in warm colors are chosen in the living room to set off a warm and warm atmosphere; in the bedroom, warm and soft colors can be used to give people a more romantic feeling; You can choose fresh green curtains to create a natural, quiet and secluded atmosphere. In fact, when choosing curtain shading fabrics, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to. Generally speaking, the decoration and installation of our curtain shading fabrics in the home are more reasonable. When purchasing blackout curtains, you should first consider the use of blackout curtains, whether in the bathroom and kitchen, or in the living room and dining room.

What are the advantages of blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains? Through the article, you can find that the advantages of blackout curtains are not only heat insulation, but also a stronger pearlescent effect. If your living room is the kind of living room that is illuminated by the west, it is recommended to choose flannelette curtains with thicker fabrics. Flannel curtains are a kind of blackout curtains, and such curtains have a very good blackout effect.

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