What color curtains are versatile and what material is good for curtains

There are many issues that need to be considered in the process of purchasing curtains. Curtains not only have a decorative effect, but also have a good functional effect. There are sound insulation effects, etc., and targeted purchases are made. So what color curtains are versatile, and what material is good for curtains? These contents are very important. Some common sense about the choice of curtains, let’s learn about the relevant content together, so that everyone can understand how to match curtains and choose and buy, etc. Questions all have good references.

What color curtains are versatile

Beige curtains are useless, Regardless of the color of the floor and sofa, beige curtains are basically versatile. When buying cloth, pay attention to that the curtains must have a good drape, and choose heavy flannelette or linen. Beige is an urban color between camel and white. It has the elegant atmosphere of camel, but it is a little more refreshing and pleasant than camel; it has the pure romance of white, but it is a little warmer than white. and noble.

What material is good for curtains

1. Velvet curtains

The velvet material has an unusual feel to the touch, very soft, and it hangs on the window with a very strong drape. During production, the dye is chemically reacted with the fiber, so that it is not easy to fade. But there is a downside, that is, it is easy to absorb dirt and it is very difficult to clean.

2. Cotton linen curtains

Curtains made of cotton linen can effectively absorb indoor moisture and keep the air clean, and the surface gloss is very soft, bringing people Earthy and natural feel. However, the curtains of this material are relatively poor in elasticity. After cleaning, not only will there be wrinkles, but also they will lose their shape and even fade.

3. Plastic-aluminum blinds

This kind of curtain is suitable for installation in the kitchen to block the sunlight. After all, the electrical appliances in the kitchen are prone to problems after long-term sunlight . And the curtains are very easy to clean. But there are also shortcomings. It cannot stop the invasion of mosquitoes in summer, and the aesthetics it brings are not as good as other curtains.

4. Wooden curtain

The so-called wooden curtain can be divided into several types according to different materials, such as wood, bamboo, reed, rattan and so on. Decorating this kind of curtains indoors has a good decorative effect, can show the high-grade interior, and has good ventilation function. But if this kind of curtain is used for a little longer, it will become moldy and wormy, and the price is very expensive.

5. Polyester curtain

This kind of curtain is decorated on the window, which is very beautiful, and it can also be waterproof and oily, bringing refreshment and coolness to the room. It is not a problem to be exposed to the sun for a long time in time. But in wet weather, the effect will be slightly worse, and the air permeability is relatively poor, and it is easy to fade after a long time.

6. Screen curtains

Screen windows are relatively common in most families. Not only is the indoor effect beautiful, but it also brings a refreshing feeling and has a good moisture absorption effect. However, it cannot block the light from entering. After cleaning, it is easy to fade and the aesthetics will be greatly reduced.

What color curtains are versatile? Beige curtains are a versatile color, and they are basically a versatile style. s Choice. What kind of material is good for curtains? You must know that different types and styles of curtains have different textures and advantages, and they also have different uses. These little common sense about curtains are still very useful, and you need to know more about related content.

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