Things to keep in mind when buying curtains

The importance of curtains lies not only in being a part of home furnishing, but also in providing privacy, blocking light and sound insulation for our lives. Especially in the bedroom, if you want to have a good sleep, you can’t do without the choice of curtains. So how to choose curtains for home decoration? What are the precautions when buying curtains?

One: Curtain color selection taboo

1. Don’t use too much red or black as the main color in the house, because too much red or too black will make people do things too impulsively.

2. The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the walls and ceiling. In science, the smallpox represents the sky, the floor represents the earth, and the walls represent people. The color of the wall should be between the ceiling and the floor, that is, it should be darker than the ceiling and lighter than the floor, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of heaven, earth and people.

Two: How to choose curtains?

1. Pay attention to the functionality of curtains

Curtains distributed in different spaces have different functions. The curtains in the hall are highly decorative, and you should choose curtains that can reflect the elegant and generous style. The curtains in the bedroom are mainly practical and should be shaded to ensure the privacy of the room. The curtains in the bathroom and kitchen should pay attention to the waterproof, oil-proof and easy-to-clean materials.

2. Use different materials to decorate your new home

If your room style belongs to traditional decoration, then it is more appropriate to match the curtains with heavy and large flower patterns; if you pursue a modern style, it is recommended that consumers choose light and elegant cotton and linen fabrics good. Curtains made of PVC material have a good waterproof effect and are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens

3. The color of the curtains is cleverly matched

The color of the curtains should be matched with the direction of the room. If the windows are facing east, southeast, or southwest, and there is plenty of sunlight, you can hang neutral and cooler colors such as green and yellow; if the windows are facing north or northeast, try warmer colors, such as beige and milk yellow. At the same time, the color matching of curtains and interior walls is also worthy of consumers’ attention. For example, if the inner wall is light green, you can choose orange or green curtains to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere; if the inner wall is white or light ivory, you can consider orange red or sky blue curtains to create an elegant and noble reverie.

4. Anti-noise

When the continuous noise pollution in the room reaches 30 decibels, it will interfere with people’s normal sleep. The texture is preferably sound-absorbing curtains such as flocking, cotton, and linen. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect, and the curtain with good texture can reduce the external noise by 10%-20%.

5. Blackout

For a comfortable nap during the day, choose a blackout curtain for your bedroom, in cotton or flocking. The study and dining room generally do not need too strong light, and shutters can be used to adjust the light.

6. Keeping warm

In winter, curtains need to consider keeping warm. Flocking curtains have thick fabrics and better warmth retention. According to the research of interior designers, among all the colors, dark red is the warmest and suitable for winter use.

7. Adjust the mood

Some newlyweds like to choose brightly colored curtains, but over time, it will cause visual fatigue and make people feel irritable. In fact, you might as well keep it simple and choose natural and fresh colors such as light green and light blue, which can make people feel happy; people who are prone to insomnia can try to choose red and black curtains to help them fall asleep as soon as possible.

Second: How to distinguish the quality of the fabric?

In addition to choosing the material of curtains according to your own preferences or the style of your home, some friends who pursue high quality will also identify the quality and quality of fabrics according to the feel of the fabric and some small methods. quality.

1. Generally speaking, pure linen fabrics feel rough, have poor softness, and are relatively light in color;

2. The linen-like fabric is crisp and has good wrinkle resistance. If you squeeze it tightly with your hands and then loosen it, there will be few or no wrinkles.

3. In terms of color, linen-like fabrics are generally bright in color and rich in patterns. For cotton fabrics, those with a fine and smooth feel are mostly woven with high-count yarns, and those with rough handles are mostly fabrics with low-count yarns.

Three: Several traps in buying curtains

1. Make money by attracting customers at low prices

Consumers often consider the cloth price first when ordering curtains. Some curtain shops will naturally lower the cloth price in order to retain customers. If a certain fabric is also available in other stores, the merchant will sell it to customers at a par price or even at a loss. When consumers choose curtains, most of them only pay attention to the price, color and fabric of the curtain itself, and rarely pay attention to these accessories. The merchants seize the psychology of consumers, first reduce the price of the main fabrics, and then earn back on the accessories of the curtains.

2. Exaggerate the proportion of folds

Although some merchants indicate the actual width of the fabric, they will vigorously promote it, saying that the ratio of wall to curtain is 1:2, which is the golden ratio. Only such curtains can be seen, which misleads consumers Buy more cloth and profit from it. Consumers often have no idea, and will follow the so-called experience of the merchants and buy more cloth.

3. Lace making hide and seek

When making curtains, merchants make a fuss about the humble lace accessories. The lace is 10 to 20 yuan per meter, which seems not expensive, but the amount used is quite a lot. When signing the agreement, the merchant deliberately only writes the unit price of the lace, but does not indicate the size and total price. Large, and some lace is even more expensive than curtain fabrics.

For the purchase of curtains, we still need to pay attention to the following methods. We must pay attention to the purchase of curtains, and we must pay attention to the overall color matching. Also pay attention to the specific decoration skills. There are many colors of curtains. When purchasing, everyone should choose the appropriate curtains according to the needs of the family to make their interior look more beautiful.

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