What color curtains are used in the living room? How to match the color of curtains in the living room?

There are many decorations and decorations in the living room. Curtains are one of them. When you make a choice, you should also make a practical purchase. It has a very good effect of reducing noise and blocking privacy, so people should pay attention to what color curtains to use in the living room when choosing. In addition, they should also know how to match the color of curtains in the living room.

What color curtains are used in the living room?

1. Light yellow curtains and pure beige sofa. In an environment that feels comfortable, the elegant beige sofa is matched with light yellow fabric curtains, supplemented by Southeast Asian style patterns, showing fashion with mix and match.

2. Lavender curtains and gray sofa Gray European-style sofa has a noble feeling, but the fashionable living room needs more approachable gentleness and kindness, so gray and lavender are added to form a Gentle, mysterious and elegant living room space. If you put a small pot of plants, it will make this living room even more different.

3. Pure beige curtains and coffee-colored sofas Pure beige curtains and coffee-colored sofas, paired with a light and thin background wall like lake green, set off the elegant feeling. Only when you get close can you see the coordination between the curtains and the sofa. Pale yellow, stripes, plaid and other pillows can also be matched. When white reaches a certain level, perhaps there is no need to use any color matching, let the natural light shine through the clear lake water to set off the purity and beauty of the space. The feeling of freshness and comfort is always exuded from these white and light green.

How to match the color of the living room curtains?

1. The walls and floors are white, and the furniture can be black or white. However, if only these two colors are used in the interior, it may cause a strong sense of impact. To solve this problem, the best solution is to add gray as a transition. Such as adding gray carpet, gray curtains and so on. The combination of black and white does not mean that only these two colors are used in the living room. In fact, there are some colors that can be added, but black and white are the main colors. These two colors are mainly reflected on walls, floors, and furniture.

2. Red and yellow are both bright colors. Can these two colors be the main colors of the living room decoration? In fact, there is no problem at all. Sofa covers use red and yellow products. Choose red for the furniture, but goose yellow for the curtains. Bright colors represent enthusiasm, so they are also very suitable for use in living room decoration. How should red and yellow be used? Generally speaking, curtains, furniture and furniture accessories use these two colors.

What color is the living room? After the introduction of the curtains, everyone should have understood it. After reading it, you already know a lot. No matter what color you choose, you should pay attention to the cost performance, so that people can rest assured, and you must know It echoes the overall decoration, and the method of matching the color of the curtains in the living room has been introduced to you.

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