How to choose living room curtains? Come to gain knowledge!

The choice of living room curtains is also a difficult task in home decoration. The color and style of curtains directly affect the layout and sense of space of the entire living room. careful. So, what aspects should curtains be chosen based on? How to choose to make the decoration look better?

One: Choose curtains according to the material

In terms of material, if you want to create a natural and refreshing home environment, choose soft fabrics;

If you want a luxurious, majestic, elegant and gorgeous home style, you must choose silky silk fabrics;

Generally, the combination of window screens with curtains, lace, decorative balls, curtain heads, etc. The hall is rich in layers, well-proportioned, and well-matched curtain combinations can make the home play a greater decorative effect.

Two: Choose the color of the curtains according to the style of the living room

The curtains are not the impression people enter the living room, so what color should the curtains choose in order to catch the eye? If the color is too simple and elegant, it can be ignored completely, and if it is too bright, it cannot integrate the style. Therefore, first of all, what is the theme decoration style of the Ming Hall, and choose the color of the curtains according to the theme style. Modern, Nordic and minimalist styles all have simplicity in common, so what color is the best color for the living room curtains? Black and white gray or low-key dark blue, deep purple are good choices.

1. Southeast Asian, Japanese, and Chinese style

Southeast Asian, Japanese, and Chinese styles all have a strong national color. For furniture, Southeast Asia has rich colors but most of the colors are dark brown; the Japanese-style elegance makes the choice of living room curtains very distressing, but most people will choose beige that is similar to the floor; Mainly in dark colors.

2. European style, French style, British style

European style, French style, and British style are all more elegant styles. In terms of the soft decoration of the house, a more luxurious concept is adopted. The curtains choose gold, silver, and white interlaced to attract attention and blend into the environment.

3. Mediterranean style, American country style, Korean pastoral style

The three styles of Mediterranean style, American country style, and Korean pastoral style tend to be large Naturally, light sky blue, white and coffee colors are all good choices, and the material selection is lighter and can swing with the wind to create a dynamic effect.

Three: Choose curtains according to the color of the living room

First, consider the overall effect of the room, and choose the corresponding curtain style, color and style according to different decoration styles. flower type.

1. Dark curtains will look more solemn and generous;

2. Thin curtains with light tones and strong light transmission can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual Effect.

3. The color of the living room curtains can be selected from the sofa pattern. For example, the white Italian sofa is often decorated with green and pink patterns, and the curtains can be made of pink or green fabrics to echo each other.

4. If there are brightly colored landscape paintings in the living room, or other colorful decorations, furniture, etc., the curtains should be more elegant; Effect, you can use strong contrast techniques, such as hanging blue-purple curtains on the goose-yellow walls.

5. It is advisable to use Roman blinds for viewing windows with large areas of glass. Roman blinds have two major advantages: one is that they use less cloth, and the other is that the curtains are stacked when they are closed, which is full of three-dimensionality and saves space.

Four: Choose curtains according to the color pattern

The pattern of the curtains also affects the style of the whole home. Feel comfortable. The European-style pattern with bright and bright colors can give a majestic feeling, while the exquisite striped geometric pattern gives people a simple and concise feeling.

Secondly, the design and color of the fabric should be coordinated with the living room and determined according to the environment and season of the area. It is advisable to choose cool-toned fabrics in summer, warm-toned fabrics in winter, and neutral-toned fabrics in spring and autumn.

Five: Choose curtains according to the color of the ground

1. The color of the curtains in the living room should be close to the ground. Peach red is similar to the color of the ground, but it cannot be stereotyped. For example, if the floor is maroon red in a small room, and maroon red curtains are used, the room will appear narrow. Therefore, when the color contrast between the ground and the furniture is strong, you can choose the color of the ground; when the contrast between the ground color and the color of the furniture is weak, you can choose the color of the furniture.

2. If neither the ground color nor the furniture color can be used as a reference, you can also choose the color system according to the color of the light. The warm color light system of orange can be matched with cool colors such as beige and fruit green; For the milky white neutral light system, warm colors such as beige, light coffee, and light red can be selected. In addition, avoid disharmonious color matching when choosing. Generally speaking, red and green, green and orange, red and blue, and yellow and purple are not harmonious.

3. Lower bungalows can use curtains with strong color contrast, and use the contrast of colors to change the depressing pattern in the room. If your current curtains are only monochromatic, you can also change them up through skillful hands. Choose a 15cm-wide strip of cloth, pleat it at a certain distance, and sew it to the edge of the curtain. The homemade lace adds a surprise to the home.

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