What color curtains are good for bay window products? How to make bay window curtains look good

With the popularity of bay windows among people in recent years, it has become a main criterion for many people when choosing a house. Compared with traditional windows, bay windows have too much It has many advantages, it makes the grade of the whole room look high, and makes the atmosphere of the whole room look more emotional, the question we want to introduce to you today is: What color curtains are good for bay window products? How to make bay window curtains Looks good?

 What color curtains are good for bay window products?

First, the bay window is generally rectangular or trapezoidal and protrudes to the outside, with glass on three sides. Large pieces of lighting glass and spacious window sills enable people to have a broader vision and endow life with romantic and warm colors. The bay window, it is not difficult to see from the name, is the window that floats out. Ordinary bay windows can be rectangular or trapezoidal, protruding from indoors to outdoors. The three sides of the bay window are equipped with glass, and the height of the window sill is lower than that of ordinary windows. This design is not only conducive to large-area glass lighting, but also retains the spacious window sill, which makes the interior space visually extend.

Second, the general windows are made within the vertical plane of the wall. If the window protrudes outside the wall, it will become a bay window. The popular bay windows can generally be divided into two forms, one is with steps, and the other is floor-to-ceiling. Bay windows can not only increase the lighting and ventilation functions of the apartment, but also add architectural charm to the facade of commercial housing. It is based on this that the calculation of the bay window area has become one of the hot spots that owners pay attention to.

Third, according to the function, bay windows can be divided into multi-functional leisure type (semicircle rest area, temporary guest room) and practical desk type.

 How to make bay window curtains look good

1. Installing sky blue fabric blackout curtains on the bay windows of the study is simple and natural, and the effect of shading is very good, elegant Naturally, the large windows enhance the brightness and at the same time provide ventilation, bringing you a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. The solid wood tatami bed is very thick. The combination of blue cushions brings you a soft and comfortable life texture. The combination of small carved pillows is convenient and coordinated. You can rest here and enjoy the elegant and comfortable life atmosphere, full of nature.

Second, custom khaki soft-covered cotton bay window cushion design drawing IKEA style bedroom cotton bay window cushion is very thick and natural, the relaxed and leisurely time is highlighted here, rest here in your spare time, and enjoy a wonderful afternoon Tea time must be wonderful. The built-in time ceiling is flat and neat, and the combination of carved and patterned chandeliers enhances the brightness and is bright and generous. The horizontal striped wallpaper is laid on the wall, which is warm and natural. The solid wood bed body is very thick, and the white bedding combination brings you a warm and comfortable sleep, relaxed and comfortable.

3. The ordinary bed in the bedroom is changed into a floor-to-ceiling bay window. It is small and natural, and the leisurely life atmosphere is interpreted here. The light purple walls are painted warm and generous, and the rose painting exhibition adds romance and sweetness breath, full of nature. The matching of the white dressing table brings you a convenient and natural life experience, which is very convenient and comfortable. The log-color solid wood floor is laid flat and neat, and the plush carpet is placed in front of the window, which can well reduce the buffer force and bring you more comfortable care for your feet.

Fourth, the decoration effect of changing the bay window to a desk locker and installing a shelf shelf has a special charm. The small-sized bedroom bay window is changed to a solid wood locker to install a shelf design. The design is very economical and practical, and the small-sized bedroom Due to the relatively large space constraints, the design of changing the bay window to a desk locker is a good solution to the problem of insufficient space. A learning area is formed on the basis of the original bay window, which is very practical and has a very good storage function. it is good. The floor of the room is a classic wooden floor, which complements the background wall and forms a self-contained system, which is full of beauty.

5. The pink color of the half curtain hanging on the bay window of the girl’s study is soft and natural, and the fresh and beautiful atmosphere is deduced here. The small bay window is simple and elegant, and the combination of pink cushions brings With your soft and comfortable life experience, it will be great to enjoy a wonderful afternoon tea here in your spare time. The small white solid wood desk is simple and regular, and the small swivel chair is matched with it to bring you a comfortable life experience. The quiet environment here must be excellent to experience the convenience of reading and studying.

6. Fresh and fashionable fabric blackout curtains and curtains are simple and natural. The blue color is beautiful and elegant. come out. The pine-colored solid wood bed is very thick, and accompanied by cute toys, it will bring you a comfortable and relaxed life. The simple combination of desk and bookshelf is convenient and relaxed, and the quiet environment here must be excellent for reading and studying.

 Bay windows have become more and more popular in our lives, especially now in many new houses, bay windows are designed as a standard configuration, bay windows bring our life There are a lot of romantic feelings, and the overall appearance of the house is relatively high-end. However, many people have such questions: What color is the best color for the bay window table top? What is the best material for the bay window table top? I hope the introduction of this article can relieve your worries .

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