A decoration expert reveals the curtain matching skills, it is too practical, it is a pity not to collect it!

With the prevalence of the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration, every household is now paying attention to soft decoration. If you want to do a good job in soft decoration, the first thing you must do is to choose a good curtain. However, for many novices in decoration, matching curtains is really a technical job. Facing the dazzling styles and colors of curtains, how should we choose?

One: Curtain fabric style:

1. According to the structure: there are three types: simple type, guide rail type and box type.

2. Divided by lighting: transparent, semi-transparent and opaque.

3. Divided by form: ordinary curtains, lifting curtains, Roman Xuan.

4. Divided by length: floor-to-ceiling windows, bay windows, half windows, high curtains

Second: Curtain selection skills

Tall and narrow windows: Choose curtains that are just over the window sill, and extend beyond the window frame on both sides, so as to expose the window width as much as possible.

Wide and short windows: choose long curtains and high curtains, let the curtains stick to the window frame, and cover the width of the window frame.

The window is too short: You can hang a half-cut curtain of the same color on or under the window, so that it just covers the window frame and window sill, creating a visual illusion. The curtain pattern should not be too cumbersome, and the discounted effect should be considered, and the horizontal pattern should be selected for tall rooms.

Three: The style and size of the curtains

In terms of style, the curtains in a small room are generally more concise It is better to choose a different style, so as not to make the space appear narrower due to the complicated curtains. For a large living room, it is advisable to adopt a more generous, stylish and refined style.

The width of the curtain is generally about 10cm wider than the window on both sides. The bottom should be determined by the style of the window. Generally, it should be 2 to 3 cm away from the ground.

Fourth, curtain color

The color of the curtain should be consistent with the interior walls, floors and furnishings. Match the color tones to form a unified and harmonious environment.

The walls are white or pale ivory, the furniture is yellow or gray, and the curtains should be orange.

The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains should be in blue with a white background.

The walls are light lake green, the furniture is yellow, green or brown, and the curtains should be medium green or grass green.

In the room of the newlyweds, the curtains should be bright and strong to add a festive atmosphere.

As far as seasons are concerned, medium colors are suitable for spring and autumn, such as beige, light dark green, withered yellow, pink, etc.; white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green and other colors are preferred in summer; Brown, dark green, purple, dark coffee and other colors are suitable. Don’t choose red or blue if you don’t plan to change them throughout the year.

Five, curtain fabric texture

When choosing the texture of the curtain, The function of the room should be considered:

For bathrooms and kitchens, it is necessary to choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style should be simple and smooth.

The living room and dining room can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics.

The curtains in the bedroom are where we should take more care. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure the privacy of life and the comfort of sleep.

The curtains of the study should have good light transmission performance, bright, and elegant colors, so that people can feel calm when they are in it, which is conducive to work and study.

The choice of curtain fabric should also consider seasonal factors. In summer, curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk for ventilation and coolness. In winter, it is advisable to use thick fleece cloth, which is thick and warm. Floral curtains are suitable for all seasons, but spring is especially lively and lively. Curtain fabrics of different textures will produce different decorative effects. Velvet, satin, jacquard and lace decoration will give people a sense of elegance and grandeur. Gingham, corduroy, homespun, etc. can create a comfortable and comfortable style. The curtain fabric should not be too smooth and shiny, because such fabrics tend to reflect light, irritate the eyes, and give people a cold feeling.

6. The style of the curtains is adapted to the shape of the window

If the windows are floor-to-ceiling, then choose a falling gauze curtain, with an art track on the top, which is simple and has a sense of rushing, and it will fly a curtain when the wind blows.

If it is a bay window, then the design of the curtain should adopt the Roman style design. This design has two advantages. sense, saving space.

Ordinary windows should adopt a popular design, with a brow, matching with curtains and light gauze, and adopting the form of splitting, which is also generous and decent.

Sheer curtains can be used as the lining of the curtains, and only this thin layer of drape is used in hot weather to make it easier for the wind to blow into the room. Some people also use gauze curtains as bed curtains. The American-style big bed has pillars at the four corners and beams above the bed.

Those who like bead curtains are generally young women, especially singles. The owner of the apartment usually uses bead curtains as space partitions, which vaguely reveal a bit of exquisite beauty, and it is also a unique scenery in the home.

Straw curtains are similar to bamboo curtains and rattan curtains, and they have a natural wildness of random weaving. The surface of a good straw curtain does not look delicate, but it is actually processed by a special process, so it is not easy to get insects and moisture, and it has no smell with the changes of seasons and environmental humidity.

Choose the curtains, and the soft decoration is half the battle. There are many standards for choosing curtains, and there is no uniform style. It is mainly to choose according to the actual situation of your home.

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