What are the types of curtains?

In home decoration, curtains are naturally chosen as decorations. After installing the curtains, some people find that the curtains are too long, which not only affects the appearance, but also when mopping the floor all day It is also inconvenient. But if you want to cut it, the pattern on it will change again, so in order to be able to solve such a problem, the following will introduce you the tricks of not cutting the curtain when it is long, and what types of curtains are there.

A coup for the long curtains without cutting

The curtains of the bay windows are long You don’t need to cut it, just fold the top of the head in half, and the owner of the curtain store can help you make a Korean-style curtain head, which looks generous and layered overall. General curtain shops can provide such services. There are many ways to use this method for bay window sheer curtains. This is how my bay window is done, and there is no processing fee.

There is no need to cut the curtains in the living room if they are too long. If it is a solid-color fabric, wrap the excess fabric under the curtains inwards, and remember to use a thinner needle thread to sew on. It would be even better if you have a sewing machine at home, mark it, and sew it up a little bit, the effect is the same as that made in the curtain shop, and there is no difference.

What are the types of curtains?

1. Venetian blinds

The venetian blinds are rich in color and changeable, and are generally made of plastic aluminum sheets and wood chips. Venetian blinds made of plastic aluminum sheets are mostly used in office buildings, while wood chips are mostly used in homes. The difference of the blinds is that they can adjust the angle of the blades to achieve the function of shading along with the change of sunlight. The rich color changes of the blinds are also more convenient to accessorize the style of the room.

2. Roller blinds

Generally, polyester fiber (Polyester) or polyester fiber cloth is used as the main material. Roller blinds are simple and elegant, and the simple and simple design method is deeply loved by many young people. Whether it is in a busy office, or a personal bedroom that emphasizes its own characteristics, it can always be naturally integrated into the overall home environment. The light passing through the roller blinds will become soft and comfortable natural light, scattered in the room.

3. Discount type, pipe-through type and lug type

The most common styles, and their production methods can be divided into single opening and double opening. In terms of the effect of the finished product, it is necessary to integrate accessories with the decoration in the room.

After reading the introduction, you should already understand the tricks of not cutting the curtains when they grow long and the types of curtains. There are many types of curtains. When choosing, you should combine your preferences, and the matching of the color and pattern of the curtains is also very important. Only when it is consistent with the overall decoration style can you play better. aesthetics.

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