What color curtains for the elderly What color curtains for the master bedroom

Curtains are very important and necessary household items in the family, and they also have a good effect of shading and avoiding light. When choosing, you need to choose suitable ones according to different functions in different areas In addition to the color and quality of curtains, there are also types of curtains suitable for the elderly and children, which can be selected according to different groups of people. So what color should be used for the curtains of the elderly, and what color should be used for the curtains of the master bedroom? These are very important common sense Let’s take a look at the relevant content and specific introduction together.

What color are the curtains for the elderly?

Curtain layout in the elderly room, To consider from three aspects. Jiang Dezhen said that the first is the fabric of the curtains, the second is the color and pattern of the curtains, and the third is the style of the curtains.

Choosing the curtains in the room should not only look good or not, like it or not, but more importantly, consider its function. Jiang Dezhen, a professor at Peking University’s Aging Research Center, believes that when people get old, they will undergo changes from psychology to physiology. The choice of curtains should also be based on adapting to these changes of the elderly, so as to benefit their physical and mental health.

Generally speaking, double-layer curtains are more suitable for the elderly. A thin layer of gauze can be drawn during the day to properly adjust the brightness of the room and protect the eyes of the elderly from the stimulation of strong light. The other layer is made of thick cotton cloth, which has good air permeability and can ensure a certain degree of warmth, especially at night, which can prevent the elderly from catching cold. At the same time, heavy curtains can create a quiet environment, which is conducive to sleep.

Because the eyes of the elderly are not as sharp as those of the young and are afraid of stimulation, the color of the curtains should not be too dark or too bright. For example, if the black is too dark, it is easy to make the room look dark and affect the mood of the elderly; if the white and red are too bright, it is easy to dazzle the eyes. Generally, dark blue curtains are better.

The pattern of the curtains should be simple and clear. Jiang Dezhen said that the pattern is striped, elegant, and the shades of colors match each other. Don’t choose those curtains that are fancy, with too much curvature or too complicated patterns, which will easily cause the elderly to be dazzled.

What color is the best color for the master bedroom curtains

1. Because everyone Different bedrooms have different decoration styles, so the choice of curtain colors is also very different. Under normal circumstances, the color of the curtains is determined according to the lighting of the bedroom.

2. For example, a dark bedroom is suitable for neutral and cool-toned curtains; while a bedroom with better lighting is suitable for hanging millet red or yellow curtains. Delicate astigmatism. In addition, you can also determine the color of the curtains. If the color of the curtains is selected correctly, it will help you sleep.

What color do you use for the curtains of the elderly? If you want to decorate the room of the elderly, it should not be too bright, and at the same time, it should not lose its stability. Therefore, when choosing the color of the curtains, you can choose solid or patterned fabrics It gives a great feeling of comfort and is also functional. What color to choose for the master bedroom curtains? There are many colors to choose from. It is necessary to comprehensively consider what color is best according to everyone’s decoration style and preferences.

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