What Curtains Go With Fabric Sofa Living Room Curtains

The matching of home decoration furniture is very important, which directly affects the overall decoration effect. So, what kind of curtains are good for the fabric sofa? How to choose the curtains for the living room? Let’s find out together.

1. What curtains match the fabric sofa

1. Dark color matching Dark-colored curtains are very popular now. Use fabric sofas, khaki or khaki fabric sofas, with the personality of pillows, and the colors are relatively deep. If you match them with bright-colored curtains, it will look weird. So with the same color, the whole style is modern, simple and low-key, giving the warmth of home in the fast-paced modern city.

2. White sofa with red curtains. White fabric sofa with red retro carpet. If you match it with curtains of other colors, it may cause jokes from guests and lower your taste. You can consider curtains of the same color as the carpet, this kind of color scheme gives people a sense of grace and wealth. 3. Dark green color matching The dark green fabric sofa is not easy to match the color, you can consider the same color, so that the matching will give people a comfortable visual effect. Elegant charm, rich Hong Kong style and streamlined shape create a comfortable and artistic living room space. Its form is simple but elegant, showing a detached and arrogant atmosphere.

4. The retro and simple fabric sofa combination is matched with white and white sofas, but if you don’t want to be so monotonous, you can place two sofas with retro patterns to decorate the whole, and you can also put two purple footrests. The two-way fabric sofa fixes the living room area, with simple white curtains, the stylish and creative design adds fun to the living room, and the soft-colored curtains make the living room more warm.

Second, choose and buy curtains in the living room

1. As one of the soft decorations, curtains play an extraordinary role, just like when you entertain guests The style of a piece of clothing should be solemn, and the color and pattern should not be too flowery. In recent years, the environment of the living room is becoming more and more spacious, generous and bright. The style of living room curtains is also enriched with the increase of home decoration style. I believe you must have had the experience of not knowing how to choose and choose from a dazzling array of curtains. In fact, as long as you grasp the principle that curtains closely follow the decoration style, it is not difficult to find beautiful curtains that are integrated into the overall home.

2. In terms of color: it should be in harmony with the overall room and furniture colors. Generally, the color of curtains should be deeper than the wall, such as light yellow walls. You can choose yellow or light brown curtains; light blue walls can choose brown or white and blue curtains.

3. In terms of patterns: the pattern of curtains also has a great influence on the indoor atmosphere. The fresh and bright pastoral scenery makes people feel back to nature; the bright and colorful geometric figures give people a sense of majesty and atmosphere. , Exquisite and delicate traditional patterns give people a sense of classical and gorgeous.

The above is the relevant knowledge about what kind of curtains to match the fabric sofa and the purchase of living room curtains, and we hope to bring you help.

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