What are the tips for choosing curtains?

The curtain box plays a very important role in the whole home life, and the curtain box has a good decorative effect for the whole home decoration. There are many decorative curtain boxes on the market now , Many people don’t know what price to choose for curtain boxes when buying, and they are worried that they will be deceived. Next, let’s find out how much it costs to decorate curtain boxes? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

How much is the decorative curtain box?

Curtain box / simple fashion track Curtain accessories¥120

Nano curtain track double track mute living room curtain box track curtain rod straight track¥32

15MM large core board multi-layer board nine-percent board curtain box home decoration solid wood Core reference price 85

Multi-storey building wall, curtain box and decorative cabinet large sample building decoration reference price 11

Various floors, walls, ceilings, curtain boxes, etc. Reference price of large node CAD drawing 14

What are the tips for choosing curtains?

One: Curtains follow the style

Curtains are an important part of decoration, they are a part of the overall home, not a single one, and must conform to the decoration style of the home. Therefore, before purchasing curtains, you must be clear about the decoration style of your home. Different decoration styles, curtain styles It is also different.

Second: Curtain styles need to be known

First, you must distinguish the difference between whether there is a curtain head or not. Second, you must distinguish the difference between the landing water wave and the modern water wave. The landing water wave It is to pleat and string at the equal parts of the curtain, and form regular waves from top to bottom; the modern water wave is the lower half of which is a wave, and the upper half is straight and flat. This kind of water wave can be pulled up and down to lower the pleats. Thin, pleated, small and delicate, suitable for small windows.

Three: The color of the pattern is very important

The pattern of the curtain is closely related to the window and the space. The vertical pattern used in short windows can increase the “big” feeling, and the fabric with large patterns should not be used as curtains on small windows to prevent the windows from appearing narrow. At the same time, small patterns can be used in small spaces to expand the sense of space , large pattern used in a large space can shrink the space.

Four: Choose styles according to the window type

Vertical windows: You can choose a wide range of curtain styles, if the room type The height of the room reaches 3.5 meters, you can choose the European court style wave curtain head floor-to-ceiling curtains. Bay window, floor-to-ceiling bay window: the best choice for bay windows is Roman blinds, followed by roller blinds and flat curtains. If there is no curtain box, Roman rods are also available. Floor-to-ceiling windows: choose curtains based on flat curtains or water wave curtains, or a combination of the two. The size of the flat curtains is not strictly required, and most windows are suitable. Water wave curtains are available There are two kinds of generation water waves and landing water waves. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom and living room should also be determined according to the decoration style.

Through the introduction of the above article, how much do you pay for the decorative curtain box? What are the tips for choosing curtains? It should be understood that the price of decorative curtain boxes is not very expensive, most of them are around 10-20 yuan, and the quality is not bad. You can choose with confidence when buying, but before buying, it is still It is necessary to master some selection methods, which can help people make better choices.

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