Curtain boxes are seen everywhere, what is the function of the curtain box?

The curtain box is a part of home decoration, and it is a facility designed to hide some unsightly curtain heads. When making ceiling and window frame packaging design, some family curtain boxes are designed and constructed as a big project, and some families even spend a lot of money to install the matching curtain box design. Are curtains and windows really that important?

In fact, whether to install the curtain box or not, it just depends on the individual’s visual needs. The only function of the curtain box is to block the unsightly curtain track and bed curtain head. The curtain rails in the early years were ordinary slide rails, and the bed curtain heads were not as diverse as they are now, and the curtain box was used in conjunction with the curtain rails to block the unsightly curtain rails. However, due to various reasons such as cumbersome disassembly, difficult maintenance, easy cracking on the surface, and relatively unstable quality of curtain rails, curtain boxes are becoming less and less popular with prospective owners.

However, with the development and progress of the times, a kind of equipment called “Roman pole” is used on the market, which itself is an artistic facility with visual beauty , If you install the curtain box again, it will feel like superfluous, but it will be counterproductive.

It has become a trend for curtain rods to gradually replace curtain boxes. Curtain rods are usually easy to take care of and more convenient to maintain. In addition, the curtain rod itself has a certain decorative effect, so it is a good choice for decoration. The method of wall-to-wall cabinets was very popular about seven or eight years ago. However, as the decoration becomes more and more simplified, this approach is rarely used in the decoration process of modern families.

So under what circumstances is it suitable to install the curtain box?

If the curtains in your home are of the “roll-up” type, and the curtain rails or bed curtain heads you use are all practical as the first element, then For the sake of beauty, you should make a curtain box. On the contrary, if it is a set of upper roller blinds and the size is large, it is not necessary to install it. If you have to install one, it may have aesthetic problems. You need to design it to try to block the defect.

If your home is decorated in European style or Chinese style, and you use ordinary curtain rails, you need to install a curtain box, which not only plays a beautiful role , but also can unify the overall style.

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