What color is the best color for the living room curtains? How to choose the living room curtains?

The color of the curtains can be selected according to the color you like, and of course according to the decoration style of the whole home. Different colors convey different visual aesthetics. The following is what color is the best color for the living room curtains introduced by the editor?

What color is the best color for the living room curtains?

1. The floor of the first living room is light-colored, the TV background wall is sky blue, the main wall is white, the sofa is blue beige, and the other furniture is white. I chose blue curtains in the same color system to match, The whole living room is not only modern, but also exotic. Typical romantic Mediterranean style.

2. It is advisable to use Roman blinds for viewing windows with large areas of glass. Roman blinds have two major advantages: one is that they use less cloth, and the other is that the curtains are stacked when they are closed, which is full of three-dimensionality and saves space. Using the method of splicing Roman blinds, the decoration effect is very good, and it is very coordinated with modern or continental decoration styles.

3. Thin curtain fabric with light color and strong light transmission is better, which can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect

If the indoor color is soft, and for the sake of To make the curtains more decorative, you can use strong contrast techniques, such as hanging blue-purple curtains on the goose-yellow walls; on the contrary, if there are brightly colored landscape paintings in the living room, or other colorful decorations, furniture, etc., The curtains are a little more elegant.

4. The color of the curtains in the living room should be selected from the sofa patterns. For example, the white Italian sofa is often decorated with pink and green patterns, so you might as well choose pink or green curtains. Cloth, can echo each other.

How to choose the living room curtains?

1. The choice of the color of the living room curtains should also pay attention to the level and decoration. Generous, bright and concise; according to different decoration styles, choose the corresponding curtain style, color and pattern.

2. Curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, thin gauze, mesh cloth, etc., can not only pass through a certain degree of natural light, but also allow people to have a sense of comfort in the daytime room. Privacy and security.

3. Consider whether it is coordinated with the color tone of the wall, furniture, floor, etc. Choosing curtains with warm-toned patterns in the living room can give people a sense of hospitality. If you add mesh screens to embellish them, warm-colored curtains can give people an elegant, quiet, and warm aesthetic and artistic charm.

The design and color of the fabric should be coordinated with the living room, and determined according to the environment and season of the area. It is advisable to choose fabrics with cool colors in summer, fabrics with warm colors in winter, and fabrics with neutral colors in spring and autumn.

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