What are the key points of curtain purchase

Curtains are one of the important soft accessories in the home, so you should pay more attention to the purchase. Curtains of different styles and colors can create different decorative effects. When choosing curtains, you only look at the color and style of the curtains, but you ignore the size and style of the curtains. This often achieves unsatisfactory results. Therefore, you must consider many aspects when purchasing curtains. The following is for everyone Introduce the key points of curtain purchase.

What are the key points for choosing curtains:

1. Material

Regarding the material of the curtains, generally speaking, the living room, bedroom and study room can choose the same material. If you don’t want to choose between heavy and light materials, the best way is to choose double-layer curtains. The inner layer is Lightweight materials, such as nylon silk, mesh cloth or tulle, can be covered with heavy materials, such as corduroy, gold velvet or woolen fabric, so that the curtains can be easily replaced according to weather conditions or weather changes.

Second, color

For the choice of color, it is best to choose bright colors for the curtains in the living room and study room, because such Colors can make people feel refreshed, and bright curtains can easily create a bright feeling, which is conducive to conversation or work and study. For the bedroom, it is best to choose warm-toned curtains. Such colors can give people a sense of warmth and are conducive to rest and sleep .

Third, quality

After selecting the material and color, the next step is to look at the quality of the curtains , it is better to understand the characteristics of various fabrics before purchasing, so that when purchasing, you can check whether the actual fabric meets the characteristics you want. If the quality meets the requirements, then you can rest assured to buy. The thing to remember is that shopping around will never go out of style, so if you’re in doubt, check out a few more.

Fourth, size

Pay attention to the size of the curtains, it is not simply enough to cover the windows, if the curtains If the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, the decorative effect will not be very good. Generally, the length of the curtain should be selected to be greater than the width, so that the hanging effect is good. If the window area is too large, several slender curtains can be hung on the large window. This will work better than directly hanging a large and wide curtain.

Five, style collocation

For the choice of curtains, you should pay attention to the color and style collocation, according to different curtains With different curtain rods, the overall style should be consistent, so that the overall color of the room can be coordinated. Nowadays, home decoration is mostly in simple style, so you can choose curtain rods with simple shapes and popular colors, and the effect will be better.

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