The Gospel of Choosing Difficulties, Inventory of Super Full Curtain Types

Curtains are a very common fabric decoration in the home, and there are many types and materials of curtains, such as pure cotton, linen, silk, etc. Bringing a completely different feeling, or natural or elegant, it always brings people different enjoyment.


Blinds are a common type of home use It can not only adjust the light arbitrarily, but also make the indoor light more suitable for you. Venetian blinds have good heat insulation, flexibility, not easy to deform, and can also block ultraviolet rays. When the curtains are placed in parallel, the light is soft, which can maintain privacy and view the scenery outside the window; when the curtains are closed, the indoor and outdoor are completely isolated.

Roman blinds

In the current home decoration, Roman blinds can be said It is relatively common, such as folding type, wave type, etc. There are many materials of this kind of curtains, and the fabrics of general materials can be made into Roman blinds. Roman blinds have unique decorative effects, rich layers, luxurious and elegant, natural and fresh, and also It has the advantages of sunshade, heat insulation, dustproof, ventilation, etc. It is often used in high-end places such as hotels, cafes, and banquet halls. It is also a good choice for creating a tasteful home!

Serpentine curtain

The appearance of the snake curtain is similar to that of the straight track curtain There is no big difference. This is mainly used on some large floor-to-ceiling windows. Compared with the traditional rigid and rigid traditional curtains, snake-shaped curtains are gradually being used by more and more people because of their unique line beauty and graceful posture. favored by people.

Honeycomb curtain

The design of the honeycomb curtain is very special. This kind of curtain is mainly used in some hollow layers, and it has strong anti-ultraviolet ability, good waterproof performance and heat insulation function. This can keep the indoor temperature well and achieve a good energy-saving effect. Perfect appearance, simple and practical, can protect household items and energy, effectively anti-static, easy to wash.

Vertical curtain

As the name implies, the vertical curtain is named after it is hung on the track Yes, and this kind of curtain is very usable, it has a sense of fashion of the times, and it can adjust the light from different angles. In order to achieve a harmonious indoor light environment, it can not only shade but also enjoy the outdoor scenery. Vertical blinds are mainly suitable for office space and some public places.

What are the types of curtains? The above briefly introduces some common curtain styles. Different styles of curtains have different characteristics and uses. You can choose suitable curtains according to your applicable scope, which is both practical and ornamental.

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