Various curtain installation methods curtain installation precautions

Curtains are an indispensable soft decoration in the family. There are more and more styles of curtains, which can be used as decorations. Now the styles of curtains include roller blinds, blinds, etc., which are different The installation methods of curtains are also very different, so everyone should pay attention to the installation. Today we will talk about various curtain installation methods for you? In addition, let’s talk about the precautions for curtain installation?

Various curtain installation methods

1. Roller curtain


1. First, measure the size of the window and choose the appropriate curtains.

2. Measure and determine the position of the curtain installation code, and fix the installation code.

3. Put the roller blinds in the correct position, fix the roller screws, and the installation of the roller blinds is complete.

Second, Venetian blinds

1. First, measure the size of the blinds to prevent installation and aesthetics from being affected by different sizes.

2. In fact, it is necessary to determine the size of the outer frame and the inner frame, because the window depth required by different installation methods is different.

3. After determining the size and depth, install it. The installation methods include fixed, flat opening, push-pull and folding, and can be installed according to the way you like. It is generally not recommended to choose a fixed method, because it will cause trouble for cleaning work.

Third, curtain rail installation method

The installation of curtain rails is generally used for small curtains, such as the installation of floating curtains. After drilling holes on the wall with an electric drill, install the slide rails of the curtains, and then hang the curtains on the slide rails. There are two ways to install the track: top installation and side installation.

Fourth, paste installation method

If the home is relatively simple, or it is a rental house, you can choose to install the curtains by pasting. The location is fine.

5. Roman Rod Installation Method

Also use an electric drill to fix the Roman rod at the position to be installed, and then hang the curtain cloth on the curtain rod. The installation method of the rod There are two kinds of top loading and side loading.

Curtain installation precautions

1. When installing the curtain box, first Find a good location, draw the dimension line carefully, and install the embedded parts accurately. Make sure that the marking is correct before installation, and the measuring ruler must be installed so that the elevation is consistent and the center line is accurate.

2. When installing the curtain box, the size of the two ends should be the same.

3. To prevent the curtain track from falling off, the thickness of the general cover plate should not be less than 15mm, and the cover plate thinner than 15mm should use machine screws to fix the curtain track.

4. The length of the track depends on the window plus the window cover, plus a buffer position of 10 cm.

5. The wood should be painted with paint before installation.

6. A distance of at least 10cm should be reserved between the lower edge of the plaster line and the upper edge of the window cover.

7. The length of the curtain rod should be greater than the width of the window cover to avoid light leakage.

8. The curtain rod should be installed horizontally and firmly.

The above is all the knowledge about various curtain installation methods and curtain installation precautions shared with you today. I believe you have some understanding of the installation methods of curtains, because there are many styles of curtains. Different curtains have different installation methods, and there are many details that need your attention, so you can refer to this article.

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