What are the bathroom curtains? Which curtains are better?

The bathroom is a relatively private place in every family. Many friends will install curtains in the bathroom. The curtains in the bathroom are different from the curtains in the living room, because the curtains in the bathroom not only need to be able to Sufficient protection of private space, also need to have the function of waterproof and easy to clean. What are the bathroom curtains? Which curtains are better?

1. Types of bathroom curtains

1) Blinds

It has always given people a romantic and beautiful feeling, especially the modern young consumer groups, who love this kind of simple and generous decorative building materials. To protect the privacy of indoor residents and adjust the indoor lighting, many young consumers like to choose blinds for bathroom decoration.

2) Roller blinds

 Use a kind of curtain with upper roller blinds, which has waterproof function and is suitable for toilet use, and has the characteristics of various patterns and random sizes.

3) Fabric curtains

The curtains used in the living room and bedroom at home are common curtains. So, is the bathroom suitable for fabric curtains? The bathroom can also be used, it is ordinary For fabric curtains, it is recommended not to choose too thick ones, and at the same time, pay attention to the ease of cleaning of the fabrics. Once there are stains, you need to deal with them, and try not to choose curtains made of shrinking materials or expensive materials. But you can’t choose curtains that are too thin, as those curtains will expose privacy.

4) Frosted glass

 If you have no residents in your home, it is also a good choice to use frosted glass for windows. Although it will block part of the light, it will not affect the basic lighting , If you have residents in your home, after choosing frosted glass, you should add a curtain to the bathroom glass. After all, frosted glass can also see people’s shadows.

5) Bamboo curtain

 Bamboo curtain is very different, it is waterproof and convenient to use, it can protect privacy when using it, It can also be used as light and outside scenery when not in use.

2. Which curtains are better

Use a kind of curtain with a roller blind, which has a waterproof function and is suitable for bathroom use, and has the characteristics of various patterns and random sizes. Hanging bamboo curtains is not only unique, but also meets your requirements. As long as it satisfies water resistance, it is convenient to use, can not only protect privacy when in use, but also be insufficient for light and external scenery when not in use. Also, if you choose fabric curtains, it is required to have a material that is easy to clean.

The above is The editor introduces the types of bathroom curtains to you. These types of curtains are often used by everyone and are deeply loved by everyone. I hope the above will be helpful to you.

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