What are soundproof curtains? What kind of curtains are more soundproof?

What are soundproof curtains, and what kind of curtains are more soundproof? I believe everyone will ask this question. Soundproof curtains are like a boon for those consumers who like to be quiet and not let the noise of the city affect the warmth of their home, but the living environment is relatively noisy. It can effectively reduce indoor noise pollution. Today I will give you a brief introduction to soundproof curtains.

1. What is a soundproof curtain

Soundproof curtain, as the name suggests, it is The sound insulation effect is better than traditional general curtains. Soundproof curtains are also made of new materials and are a new type of curtains. The soundproof curtain has the following characteristics:

1) The soundproof curtain has two rolling methods: manual and remote control. Its installation is very simple and maintenance is convenient.

2) It is also very convenient to clean the soundproof curtains. Scrubable fabrics are optional

3) Soundproof curtains can increase the sound insulation by 8 to 12 decibels (low-frequency sound insulation is large) and can replace the second layer of double-layer soundproof windows; when used alone, the sound insulation can reach up to 20 decibels can be used as a sound barrier for indoor activities.

4) Soundproof curtains have two functions of shading and non-shading. They have the effect of heat insulation and energy saving, and do not occupy the indoor space area.

5) Nowadays, there are many types of soundproof curtains on the market, and they have a variety of fabrics to choose from. Its material is environmentally friendly and healthy, and does not contain formaldehyde.

2. What kind of curtains are more soundproof

1) Flocking curtains

Flocking curtain fabric is the choice of soundproof curtain fabric The main style of the flocking curtain fabric is mainly made of polyester fiber acrylic resin foam coating, which is a PVC-free fabric, which has better environmental protection performance and is not easy to fade. Because there are fine fluff on the curtain fabric, the sound absorption effect is better. The soundproof curtain fabric we often say mainly refers to the curtain fabric of this material.

2) Canvas curtains

Compared with flocking curtain fabric, the sound insulation curtain fabric of canvas is worse in sound insulation effect, but because of its thick texture, the sound insulation effect is also good . Can meet the general noise environment. Canvas soundproof curtains have a certain mitigation effect on noise.

3) Chenille curtain

The chenille curtain fabric has a thick feeling, which has the characteristics of high-grade luxury, soft hand feeling, plump suede and good drapability. The sound insulation effect of chenille soundproof curtain fabric is slightly worse than that of flocking soundproof curtain fabric, but better than canvas soundproof curtain fabric.

The above is the soundproof curtain introduced by the editor. In fact, it mainly prevents sound from running into the room from the gap between the curtain and the window. Increase the intermediate material for sound transmission, thereby effectively reducing the decibel of external sound, and making it difficult for indoor sound to be lost to the outside. Installing soundproof curtains can indeed reduce the noise in the room.

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