What are Curtain Tracks? What is the installation method of curtain track?

People must sleep well, sleep well, so that they will not feel sluggish and do nothing the next day. At this time, they need a good rest to be refreshed. Good curtains not only have a good-looking appearance, but also can bring people a more secluded privacy space and help them sleep. People need good curtains and accessories. What are Curtain Tracks? What is the installation method of curtain track?

What is a curtain track?

1. Curtain track is a curtain accessory used to hang curtains so that the curtains can be opened and closed, and can also increase the beauty of the curtain fabric. There are many varieties, which are divided into two series: bright rails and dark rails. The bright rails include wooden poles, aluminum alloy poles, steel pipe poles, iron art poles, plastic steel poles, etc. The common form is artistic poles. Concealed tracks include: nano track, aluminum alloy track, and silent track. The texture is made of plastic steel, iron, copper, wood, aluminum alloy and other materials. In addition, in recent years, a snake-shaped curtain track has emerged, which is mainly popular in Europe. And Taiwan, Japan and other regions.

2. According to whether it can be seen, curtain rods can be divided into two types: bright rods and dark rods. Bright rods can see the color and decorative head of the rod, and the decorative effect is more prominent. Therefore, the installation of exposed poles has increasingly become the main choice for curtain installation. The dark rods are often placed in the curtain box, and there are two types of curtain boxes: one is that the room has a suspended ceiling, and the curtain box should be hidden in the ceiling, and it is completed together when the ceiling is made; the other is that the room has no ceiling. , The curtain box is fixed on the wall and becomes a whole with the window frame.

What is the installation method of the curtain track?

Preparation tools: impact drill (5.5mm drill bit), screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, pencil, etc.

1. First, fasten the installation yards to the track. The farthest installation yards are about 10-15cm away from the side of the track, and the middle installation yards are evenly spaced.

2. Two people hold up the track, and the installation code sticks to the top of the wall. Measure the appropriate position to be installed, and use a pencil to mark the wall through the screw hole of the installation code. (Generally, for top installation, the track is about 2 or 3cm away from the window, and for the curtain box top installation, it is installed in the middle; for wall and window installation, the track is about 10cm away from the upper frame of the window.)

3. The track is lowered and the percussion drill makes holes where marked and bolts are driven in. Hold up the track again, fix the mounting code with screws, and the track penetrates the pulley.

4. If the track is attached to the wall on the left and right, for example, the total length is about the same as the total length of the curtain box, it is necessary to wear the pulley first, and then fix the installation code. Finally, install the seal and the installation is complete.

5. The conjoined square rail has 2 screw holes per meter by default, no need for installation codes, just drill the holes and install the screws.

6. The installation method of the curved rail is the same as that of the square rail. The bending method is to first measure the width of the left or right window of the U window or L window, mark it on the curved rail with a pencil, and then use the knee or a thick water pipe to support the position, and hold the left and right sides of the rail. Bend inward, and bend the arc to about 100 degrees. (If possible, you can find a small piece of iron wire to bend out the approximate shape and look it up on the window, and then bend the curved rail according to the size of the wire.) The connecting method of the branches of the conjoined square rail is to align the square openings. The square rail and the curved rail The rail branches can be connected with the installation code.

What is a curtain track? What is the installation method of curtain track? The above article has introduced us to the purpose and installation method of the curtain track. If you want to install the curtain track yourself, then you can follow the installation method mentioned in the article. If you buy a solid wood curtain track, it will be heavier and require two people to install it together so that it will not break.

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