The most taboo to hang these 5 kinds of curtains in the bedroom, rich people know it, don’t want to make a fortune if you hang it!

Buying a house is the first step, and the second step is decoration, but many people often fail in the third step, which is the furniture layout. They often ignore the problem for the sake of beauty. People make mistakes. In fact, every object has its magnetic field, so whether it is used or not will directly affect the fortune of the family. Take small curtains as an example, this is something that every family will have. They are also very particular about studies, so when hanging curtains in the bedroom, don’t hang them randomly. Rich people know that if you want to make a fortune by doing this, the more you live, the poorer you will be. No matter how rich your family is, you will end up with nothing. Not left.

1. Curtains with too exaggerated colors

First of all, the colors are too exaggerated They will not choose the curtains, they usually prefer quieter colors, which will make people feel very stable and at ease. And it will make people feel very calm, especially the choice of bedroom curtains, the color must not be too bright, it will make people feel very excited, this kind of curtains will also affect people’s sleep quality in the long run, making it difficult to fall asleep.

2. Curtains with darker colors

Like the kind of people who prefer quiet, the curtains at home will like to use relative colors to compare Dark color, but when choosing the color of the curtains, be careful not to choose the color too dark. From a psychological point of view, the bedroom is a place where people sleep, and the matching should make people relax. People feel depressed, and after a long time, it is easy to get depression.

3. Big red curtains

Many people will Choose to change the curtains at home into festive bright red, because it will make people feel very lively and very infectious, but red curtains are generally not hung at home for a long time, because red will give people a sense of joy. A feeling of excitement, hanging in the bedroom for a long time will make people have a certain amount of mental pressure, and will make people in a state of excitement for a long time.

4. The patterns on the curtains are too weird

Remember, the patterns on the curtains must not be too weird, and don’t have that kind of scary picture of. These patterns will affect the fortune at home, especially the curtains installed in the bedroom, which will make people have nightmares and cause harm to the body for a long time. Don’t choose pink curtains. Many girls prefer pink, but if it is a bedroom where a couple lives, then pink is a taboo, and it will destroy the relationship between husband and wife.

5. Very heavy curtains

Some curtains are very heavy First of all, if the curtains are dirty, they are not easy to take care of, and it will make people feel burdened and have a depressive psychology. When choosing curtains, it is better to be simple. Don’t touch the four kinds of curtains mentioned above, and these curtains are not durable, and it will be annoying to look at them for a while.

How to choose bedroom curtains that are more beautiful and practical?

1. Shading

Whether the bedroom curtains are shading is an element of choosing curtains. Whether it is day or night, curtains must have a shading function, otherwise it is useless no matter how beautiful it is. Currently on the market, the shading fabrics are cotton, linen or flocking, silk, etc. These curtains have good shading properties. In addition to the main fabric material, it is more popular to add a thin layer of sheer curtain or lace curtain to the texture curtain for decoration. Such curtains would look great hanging in the bedroom.

2. Sound insulation

In a noisy urban residential building, a There are more than a dozen floors up and down, or even as high as 30 floors, and the more residents there are, the greater the noise will be. Therefore, choosing a curtain with good sound insulation effect will definitely reduce some noise and make the room much quieter. According to noise data statistics, when the continuous noise reaches 50 decibels, and there are no noise-cancelling facilities on the doors and windows, it will affect people’s sleep. Choose texture curtains with sound insulation or sound absorption, which can block and reduce external noise by about 15%. Generally, thicker curtains have good sound insulation and sound absorption effects, such as flocking, cotton, and hemp.

3. Color

The bedroom also chooses curtains in warm colors. It feels very fresh. If you are afraid that the light-colored ones will affect the privacy of the room, you can hang the blackout cloth first and then hang the light-colored curtains, so that your indoor privacy can be guaranteed. If you are still If you are single, you can also hang pink curtains in the bedroom, which is helpful to the peach blossoms, because pink and peach blossoms are similar in color, so single female friends may wish to change the curtains in the bedroom at home to pink, try to say No surprises are allowed.

4. Style

The choice of bedroom curtains should be consistent with the theme style of the room Unified with each other, to avoid chaos, completely out of harmony with the environment. From the perspective of room style, consider whether the material, color and style are in harmony with the main color. How about the feel, durability and drape of the curtains? Does it match the furniture. For example, in a fresh and minimalist style room, the whole room is based on white, so the curtains can choose neutral colors. If the floor color is heavy, then the curtains should choose light colors to distinguish them from the floor. It can make the floor more textured. If the floor is light in color, on the contrary, you can choose a darker tone for the bedroom curtains, so as not to make the space look too light.

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