How to hang curtains? What is the method of hanging curtains?

People definitely don’t want the outside world to be able to see it when they are in the room, so this requires curtains to play a role. Now the types and models of curtains sold on the market are all There are many, so people can make a lot of choices when buying, but many people buy curtains, but don’t know how to hang them, so the following will introduce you how to hang curtains? What is the method of hanging curtains?

 How to hang the curtains?

1: Make sure every The number of hanging rings and hooks required for side curtains can only be fully prepared if the number of hanging rings is determined first. So, how to assign these hanging loops to the curtains on each side? You can use the following method:

2: First fold in half, then fold in half, then fold in half again until you see the head, fold in half The folded place is the place where the ring and the hook are to be hung. Count the folded place in half to be less than or equal to the number of rings and hooks you have in hand.

3: When the curtains are hung and the curtains are closed, pull the curtains to the middle, and then a hanging ring will be stuck, which can ensure that all the curtains will not go to the middle.

4: After the hooks on both sides of the pole are installed, then the hook in the middle should be installed to hook the pole. Pulling one side all the way is not enough.

 What is the method of hanging curtains?

 1. Straight style

 This is simple A hanging method, which can be completed alone through a series of simple steps such as piercing and looping. This kind of hanging method is simple and easy to use, but the decorative effect is plain and nothing special. The key to seeing the decorative effect is to choose tasteful curtains.

 2. Pleated style

 This hanging method can make the curtains have a wrinkled feeling and increase the heavy texture. There are two different ways to hang this kind of hanging method, which can use either a single layer or a double layer structure. The double-layer hanging curtain is like a layer of pleats, which looks quite complicated, and has the function of reducing temperature and air loss; the single-layer hanging method can give people a vague feeling and a unique aesthetic feeling.

 3. Hanging curtains

 A major feature of this hanging method is that there are many decorations. According to its different changes, the whole curtain can be opened, fanned, W-shaped, etc., suitable for more complicated pattern styles.

 4. Roman blinds

 This hanging method has a strong three-dimensional effect, looks more natural, and can be adjusted according to different climates throughout the year , but the cost of this complicated hanging method is relatively high.

 After reading the above text, people should have understood how to hang curtains? What is the method of hanging curtains? There are many ways to hang curtains. In addition, when buying curtains, you must choose good-quality brand curtains, and the quality can be guaranteed, and the curtains sold in specialty stores will also be installed for you free of charge.

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