Inventory of curtain types to teach you how to choose curtains

Curtains are must-buy interior decorations in home furnishing, because they can not only play a decorative role, but also their practicality cannot be ignored. Curtains can ensure the privacy of our lives, so how can we choose the right curtains?

1. The composition of the curtain

The curtain is not a single individual, but is composed of three parts. That is the curtain body, accessories and accessories.

1. Curtain body: The curtain body is composed of three parts: curtain, window body and window screen. Window curtains are an integral part of curtains, and their fabrics are generally consistent with the window body. The styles of window curtains are extremely diverse, such as tiled, discounted, water waves, integrated and so on.

2. Accessories: It is mainly composed of window cherry, tent ring, ribbon, lace, window placket interlining and so on.

3. Accessories: There are side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, counterweights, etc.

Second, the choice of curtain cloth

1, the choice of the size of the curtain cloth

There are two kinds of curtain cloth, one is fixed height cloth and the other is fixed width cloth. The fixed height cloth means that the height of the curtain cloth is fixed, and there are two options: 2.8m and 2.1m. The width of the fixed width cloth is fixed – 1.45m. When purchasing curtain cloth, you need to calculate which kind of cloth is suitable to buy according to the size of your own windows, and the utilization rate is high. At the same time, it should be noted that if the curtain fabric has a pattern, then the problem of splicing must also be considered.

2. Selection of curtain fabric materials

The curtain fabric materials we generally choose are mainly divided into four types, natural cotton, artificial cotton, polyester and acrylic. Cotton-based fabrics resist heat and absorb moisture. Polyester is light-fast, wear-resistant, not afraid of being scalded and feels better. Acrylic is also more light-fast, and feels good, and has better thermal performance.

Third, the style of curtain fabric

1. According to the structure, there are simple styles , rail type, and box type, this depends on personal preference to choose.

2. Divided by lighting, There are three types: transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque. The choice depends mainly on personal preference and the space to be used, such as a bedroom It is best to choose opaque ones, which can ensure the quality of sleep.

3. According to the form, there are three kinds of ordinary curtains, lifting curtains and Roman Xuan.

Ordinary curtains: suitable for box curtains, can be equipped with curtain eyebrows and concealed tracks. It is best to make a fixed fold when making it, so that it can be installed and cleaned in the future.

Lifting curtain: a method of hanging like a blind, folded up and raised. The curtains can be raised and lowered according to the intensity of the light.

Roman Xuan: This form of curtain is more decorative and is generally installed on windows without window boxes.

4. Divided by length, there are four types: floor-to-ceiling windows, bay windows, half windows and high curtains.

French windows: generally used in the living room, installed on large windows with floor-to-ceiling glass.

Bay window: Hong Kong style, suitable for windows with wider window sills.

Half-cut window: According to the window type, the hem of the curtain exceeds the window sill by about 30 cm and does not touch the ground.

High curtain: suitable for window types with a space above 3 meters.

Fourth, choose and buy small stickers for curtains

If the shape of the window is tall and narrow, you should choose the length just before it The short curtain on the window sill should be able to cover the window frames on both sides in width, so as to expose the large window width as much as possible. For windows with wide and short windows, long curtains and high curtains should be selected to elongate the appearance of the window. If the window is relatively short, you can hang a half curtain of the same color as the curtain above or below the window to cover the window frame and window sill and lengthen the visual effect. In addition, you can’t choose too cumbersome ones on the curtains, because the curtains have to be discounted, and the room is relatively high. The pattern of the curtains can be selected horizontally, which can widen the visual effect.

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