There are many traps in choosing curtains? Wrong letter of sales, thousands of dollars were cheated away!

Many friends choose curtains only for the appearance. In this case, it is actually difficult to buy the right curtains. When buying curtains, we need to consider the style, pattern, material, etc. of the curtains. There are many traps in the market. If we don’t pay attention, it is easy to be deceived by some merchants. The curtains are calculated by the meter. If we are cheated, we may lose a lot of money. We should pay attention to five traps when choosing curtains.

One: The trap of buying curtains

This trap, the merchant will let you Consumers buy more cloth, which is also the easiest trap to avoid. When you are at home, measure the size first, and don’t be fooled by others. The width of the curtain is generally 20 cm wider than both sides of the window is enough, and the length is 20 cm lower than the window sill or 5 to 10 cm higher than the ground. Merchants generally ask consumers to pleat more, saying how beautiful the pleats are, but don’t believe it, 1.5 times is enough.

Curtain fabrics are generally 2.8 meters long, and merchants will never tell you why the cut fabrics go. If the height you require is much lower than 2.8 meters, ask for the cut cloth. It is especially useful to make tablecloths and cushions by yourself, and the color can also echo the curtains.

The second trap is the various decorations on the curtains. You must know how many meters are used. This is the bulk of the cost. Don’t listen to the merchants. Add beads here and tassels there. When washing, these things will annoy you. If you can keep it simple, it’s better to have tassels than to add beads lightly.

The third trap, what accessories are charged and what accessories are free, you must ask clearly in advance, merchants sometimes use extremely low fabric prices to attract customers, and then tell you when you place an order, hooks, rings They are all charged separately, more than ten yuan each. A curtain costs more than a dozen, and it costs a few hundred yuan to go out.

The fourth trap, don’t start bargaining with merchants after confirming how many meters of cloth it is. It is necessary to determine the uniform fee before bargaining, and the cloth will not cost much.

The fifth trap, the production and installation of curtains are free, there is no such thing as charging. Don’t ask merchants to quote separately. After selecting items and determining the size and quantity, ask him to quote an all-inclusive price, which is convenient for us to compare prices.

Second: Which curtain material is better

1. Curtains made of cotton and linen are a good choice. The material of this kind of curtain is very environmentally friendly, and it is more breathable and soft in color. Many owners will choose curtains made of this material for installation. However, this kind of curtain also has some defects, that is, the elasticity is not very good. After a long time of use, it will have wrinkles after washing many times, and it will also shrink and deform, and it is easier to fade.

2. Curtains made of polyester are very good. Its advantage is that it has good line retention and wrinkle resistance, and the patterns and colors of these curtains are very rich. Polyester curtains are relatively common and very popular curtains, and the production methods of the curtains are divided into double opening and single opening. The most important thing is that the price is affordable, and the shape is diverse and beautiful, and its drapability is also very good. It doesn’t need much maintenance, and it won’t deform or fade.

3. Flannel curtains are also very popular among middle-aged consumers. This kind of curtain is especially suitable for use in European and American decoration styles. The advantages of this kind of flannelette curtains are strong drape, good hand feeling, very soft, and strong color fastness. However, this kind of velvet curtain will be more dust-absorbing and needs to be cleaned frequently. However, this kind of curtain is relatively heavy, not easy to clean, and more troublesome.

4. I believe that everyone is familiar with gauze curtains, but this kind of gauze curtains are generally not used alone, and it is better to use them together with other curtains. The advantage of this kind of gauze curtain is that it is beautiful and cool, elegant and light, and has good moisture absorption, which can create a very romantic atmosphere for the living room. However, this kind of sheer curtain is not very shading, and it is easy to shrink and wrinkle, and it is easy to fade.

5. Wooden curtains are also a good choice. This kind of curtain is very environmentally friendly and can be divided into three types: bamboo weaving, wooden weaving, and rattan weaving. The advantage of curtains made of this kind of material is that they are very decorative and very breathable, which can well reflect the taste and style, and are very natural and simple. However, the light transmission of this kind of curtains is not good, and the price will be relatively high. Moreover, bamboo curtains are prone to mold and reed curtains are prone to insects. If you buy this kind of curtains, you need to maintain it frequently, otherwise the service life will be very short.

My friends, if you don’t pay attention to these routines when purchasing curtains, you may be deceived by the merchant, and you will lose a lot of money in vain . When choosing curtains, you need to pay attention to whether the price matches the actual quality or not. We usually hang curtains in several areas of our home, and if the curtains are not worth the price, you will lose a lot of money! Friends should be more cautious when choosing curtains.

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