How to match American curtains? American curtain matching skills

Many friends’ homes are decorated in American country style. In addition to the wall and floor furniture, the American style should be simple, bright, and rough. . The matching of American curtains does not pay much attention to luxury, but pragmatism first. Let the professionals introduce the selection and matching skills of American curtains for your reference.

Characteristics of American curtains

American curtains are pragmatic, standardized and mature Take the middle class in the United States as an example, they have a fairly good income as support, so they can freely develop their own preferences in a larger living room. Although curtains are not an important home decoration, they also show a certain degree of The taste, hobbies and life values of its occupants. American-style curtains abandon the cumbersome and luxurious European decoration, highlight the harmony of simplicity and nature, and emphasize the nostalgic style. American country-style curtains are usually simple and bright, with simple lines and rough volumes, emphasizing the natural comfort of life, highlighting the cozy style, and the appearance is elegant and casual.

Material of American curtains

American curtains are mostly made of cloth, but they are not limited to cloth, and wood chips are also used as curtains. The fabrics of American curtains mainly include cotton, linen, woolen, silk, etc., all of which are pure natural or imitation natural materials. They are simple and high-grade, soft and delicate, and bring extremely high comfort to the space. Silk curtains have good gloss but are expensive. They match with classic American-style rooms, and enhance the quality of space in a low-key and restrained way. Cotton linen or full linen curtains have a rough mechanism and match the American country style, as if smelling a strong country fragrance. The simple and generous, thick-textured cotton velveteen fabric has an extremely comfortable feel and good air permeability, which just fits the American casual style.

The colors and patterns of American curtains

The colors of American curtains are mostly elegant slate color and antique white, such as earth brown, wine red, dark green , dark blue, thick but not gaudy, natural and rough, practical, easy to take care of and maintain. American curtain patterns are characterized by random graffiti and regular floral patterns. Flowers are larger-shaped flower patterns, complicated flower plants, lattices, etc. The lines are random but clean and capable. More formal patterns include golden eagles, crossed swords, stars, ears of wheat and other decorative elements. The patterns are vivid and lifelike, with unique charm.

Chenille American Style Curtain

Chenille curtain itself has excellent material, unique embroidery, complicated printing and dyeing process, and excellent decoration. The characteristic of the chenille curtain fabric is that the fiber is held on the core yarn of the ply, the suede is plump, has a velvet feel, and the touch is soft and comfortable. The chenille curtain has excellent drapability, keeps the vertical surface vertical, and has a good texture. Make the room more tidy, chenille curtains are thick in texture, can cover the glare in summer, and keep warm in winter.

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