There are many routines in Curtain City, and I was almost cheated out of tens of thousands after walking around!

Before buying curtains, many friends think that curtains should not be so expensive, they are just fabrics. But when you arrive at the curtain city, you will find that the price of curtains is very high, and many of them are very expensive. Faced with so many curtain materials and prices, many people are confused and don’t know how to choose curtains. When buying curtains, you are also worried about being tricked by merchants, and you will be scammed by tens of thousands if you are not careful. You can avoid the trap by learning the skills of choosing curtains.

One: There are many routines in the curtain city

Routine one: Fill the whole Curtains facing the wall look better

In the past, curtains only needed to cover the windows, but now curtains stores will recommend floor-to-ceiling curtains for the entire wall, because floor-to-ceiling curtains look luxurious and grand. For floor-to-ceiling curtains on the entire wall, the fabric of the curtains is not only the length of the wall, but generally twice the length of the wall. The disadvantage of floor-to-ceiling curtains is that the walls are not breathable, and the walls are prone to mold and fall off in humid areas.

When buying curtains, you must choose the style of curtains according to the type of your own curtains. Except for the balcony windows that require curtains on the entire surface, other windows are firmly selected to only install window series. You only need to measure the size of the window, choose the multiple of the folds, and then you can determine the length of the fabric.

Routine 2: How many folds to choose

Do you think that the width of the window = the width of the curtain? NO! Don’t forget that there is also the option of pleats. What are folds? It is to let the curtain have an undulating slope design. Usually, folds are divided into 1.5 times and 2 times.

If it is 2 meters of curtain cloth, 2 times the folds will require 4 meters of curtain cloth, and the budget is twice as much as expected. If you choose expensive fabrics, it is conceivable that the budget will definitely rise.

In fact, the effect of 1.5 times is not bad, although it is less ups and downs than 2 times, but if the budget is limited, you can choose 1.5 times without affecting the effect.

Routine 3: Additional charges for gauze curtains

Nowadays, curtain stores are all designed in a scene-based display. It will be very expensive to calculate the size of your own window installation, because sheer curtains and accessories need to be charged separately

Routine 4: Additional charges for accessories

When buying curtains, I found: Curtains Cloth is not expensive. However, with the addition of hanging rods, Roman rings, four-legged hooks, and straps, the price is beyond the budget. Many curtain merchants don’t make money on curtains, because if you don’t pay attention to accessories, the price of curtains is several times higher.

Ask how much it costs for the whole set

The curtain fabric that you have time to fancy sounds very cost-effective, but the whole set of curtains will be more expensive if customized, and often exceed the purchase budget . Therefore, when buying curtains, try to ask clearly the length of the required fabric, and then ask the clerk to compare the price of the whole set of curtains to see if it is cost-effective. You can’t just look at the price of the curtain fabric.

Ask for the price of accessories

The four-legged hook can be used for both Roman rods and track rods. Generally, the four-legged hook is divided into two types: ordinary and painted, and the price of painted is relatively higher. When buying, ask clearly how much each price is to avoid being cheated. The last time I bought curtain four-legged hooks was a direct gift, but the cost is not high.

Punching is a design that can only be used on Roman rods. This can save four-legged hooks and hanging rings, and only need to be equipped with Roman rods to complete the curtain. The price of the Roman circle depends on the materials used. Stainless steel is more expensive, and the nano-silence ring is 0.5 yuan per piece. Don’t be fooled.

Routine five: lace is more expensive than expected

There is only a single piece of fabric decoration, some people think that such curtains are too monotonous, and want to add lace to it. It is estimated that many mothers have this idea. However, add lace and the budget will make you dizzy. It’s easy for the shopkeeper to add money to you at this place.

The formula for calculating the price of lace is: lace price = price per meter of lace × (2× curtain width + 2× curtain height), the price of lace can be clearly calculated after determining the curtain width. Don’t let the shopkeeper figure it out for himself, the most important thing is to have a bottom line in your heart.

Routine 6: Buy the cloth straps separately

If you don’t need the style, you don’t need to find another cloth for the curtain cloth, cut and sew the remaining cloth head of the curtain cloth Just ok, low cost and easy processing. If you buy the curtains for the whole house together, you can ask the store to send them to you.

Second: A few collocation skills for curtains

1. When purchasing curtains, you should not only pay attention to the appearance, but also take into account the function. Different rooms have different materials because of their different environments:

Blinds are more suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid and fume-filled rooms; wooden or bamboo curtains can be used for leisure rooms and tea rooms; balconies Choose curtains made of light-resistant and non-fading materials; you can choose materials with better light transmission for the study room.

2. The color of the curtains should also change depending on the light. South-facing and well-lit rooms should choose cool-toned curtains, while north-facing and dark rooms should choose warm-toned curtains.

3. The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the main color of the room. A room has a main tone in color, which is determined by the color of the main interior decoration, such as the color of the ceiling, wall, floor tiles, and furniture. Since the curtains have a larger area indoors, the color of the curtains can also become the main theme. When choosing curtains, it is necessary to integrate the curtains with the entire decoration style and the arrangement of furniture such as sofas. This is the basic method for choosing curtains.

The price of many curtains in Curtain City is very high. Only by learning how to choose and buy curtains can you buy the same price and quality curtains, otherwise it may be routinely used by merchants. In addition, we can also buy some accessories for curtains online. The online price is much cheaper than the physical store, and it is also very beautiful. Pay attention to the effect of matching when choosing curtain colors, otherwise the aesthetics will be reduced.

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