In autumn and winter, in addition to changing the seasons of clothing, accessories must also follow the change of seasons!

Autumn-winter accessory styles and materials include tassels, fluff balls, flannel bows, suede, autumn-colored acrylic, corduroy, leather, and various autumn-style earrings. You can also choose earrings without piercings, bone clips, and other priceless earrings.

The TEMPERATURE STARTS TO DROP IN November EVERY YEAR. At THIS TIME, NOT ONLY CLOTHES NEED TO CHANGE SEASONS, BUT ALSO ACCESSORIES CAN CHANGE SEASONS. Check out these necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair accessories for autumn and winter.


Since autumn and winter clothing has already appeared, The necklace you wear should also have a strong sense of autumn and winter to make the overall shape more perfect. Necklaces suitable for autumn and winter include leather, tassel, and other styles, and the colors are mainly yellow, brown, coffee, red, black, gray, and other autumn and winter colors.

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Betsey Johnson illusion necklace featuring mixed faceted beads, delicate stone accents, lovely flowers, and a heart embellished with woven mixed multi-colored charms. The necklace is set in gold-tone metal with a lobster clasp closure.

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With lucky, speculative, and risk-saving energy, with this gem to play cards, it is easy to win money; to invest in a business, easy to make a fortune; as a dangerous task, it is easy to get help from the nobles.

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This necklace is very suitable for autumn and winter accessories. It’s beautiful when it’s made into a necklace, and there’s a feeling of swaying in the wind. Artisans craft this necklace on metal, and the message “You are my sunshine” is hidden in the sunflower locket necklace, making a simple but exciting statement, perfect for everyday wear and will make you charmer and interesting, beautiful and attractive.

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Some people feel that wearing long sleeves in autumn and winter will cover their wrists, so there is no need to wear accessories on their wrists, but in fact, wearing a bracelet or bracelet when wearing long sleeves will exude a looming beauty, making people pay more attention to the jewelry on your wrist and want to see it.

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This boho bracelet is made of top-grade leather, comfortable to wear, with no fading and no pungent smell.

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This men’s leather bracelet is made of Genuine Leather, High-Quality Stainless Steel, Strong and Durable. Free of Lead and Nickel, Hypoallergenic and Healthy, Easy Put On Without Falling Off.

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Statement Jesus Fish Pendant: A great expression of one’s faith. A great gift for the Christian man in your life

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Fashion-winter popular earrings include fringes, fluff balls and other styles, even those without pierced ears Don’t worry, in addition to pin earrings, there are also a variety of earrings without piercings, such as clip-on earrings and ear cuffs, which are very suitable for those who do not have pierced ears.

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Add a pretty touch to any outfit with these Long Light Grey Cotton Ball and Tassel Hoop Earrings In Gold Tone Metal. Featuring a long hoop design, crafted in gold-tone metal and decorated with a cotton ball and tassel detailing, offering a trendy look. 

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The cute fluffy balls are transformed into cat earrings. Wear these earrings in autumn and winter. Gorgeous!

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These earrings have a luxurious feel with white pearls and black flannel bows. Very environmental protection. Each pair of earrings is very light and will not burden your ears.

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Hair accessories

Good-looking hair accessories are a great addition to autumn and winter styling. Whether you have long hair or short hair, you can use hair accessories to add personal charm. Autumn and winter hair accessories can be made of acrylic, wool and other materials, and the color is mainly composed of calm general autumn and winter colors.

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8 pcs pearl hair clips & 9 pcs marble acrylic hair barrettes & 6 pcs Geometric Hairpins & 5 pcs Pure metal pins. They match almost all outfits, hair colors, and hairstyles.

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100% Real Human Hair, full handmade human dreadlock extensions.

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Use black and gold hair accessories for autumn and winter for an elegant impression. The material uses alloy, leaf, and crystal, and the style is simple and beautiful.

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