How to install curtains on small windows to look good? How to choose and buy curtains at home?

After buying a house, decoration is essential. For hard decoration, you can find a master, but for soft decoration, you must do it yourself. Choose your favorite style to create your favorite space. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment. However, there are also some difficulties in decoration, such as how to install curtains on small windows to look good? How to choose the curtains at home? Do you know how to solve these problems?

How do small windows look good with curtains?

What kind of window is a small window? Usually, the width of the windows in your home is generally between 0.5-1.5, and the height is between 1.2-2.2. Such windows are actually small windows. If you plan to hang curtains, it is recommended to make finished curtains, such as soft gauze curtains and venetian blinds. Because the windows are transparent, it is very unsafe for people to sleep in the room if curtains are not installed.

Small windows can also be installed with blinds or Roman blinds, and the effect presented is very good. There are also many styles of blinds, and you can buy the right style according to the decoration style of your home. Because the blinds not only have a very good shading effect, but are also very beautiful, but it is not convenient to clean them daily. So weigh the pros and cons before buying.

But you must measure the size before buying the blinds. If the size of the blinds is too small, it will definitely not have any shading effect. In addition, we must pay attention to the quality of the product, not just the appearance.

How to choose and buy curtains at home?

When purchasing curtains at home, you can choose according to the following points. Choose the color of the curtains according to the overall decoration style of the home, which is consistent with the soft decoration color of the living room or bedroom; the second choice Curtains must not ignore the degree of shading. Good-looking does not mean that they are easy to use. If the curtains cannot shading, they can only be used as a decoration, without any use. The last is the material selection of curtains. Common curtains are made of polyester, cotton and linen. From the comprehensive point of view of durability, wrinkle resistance, cleaning, and cost performance, I personally recommend choosing polyester curtains, which are not easy to get dusty and have a good shading effect. it is good.

About the question of choosing curtains at home, do you know how to install curtains on small windows to look good? How to choose and buy curtains at home? Choosing the right curtains can help you sleep, so you must pay more attention to choosing curtains. Every step of home decoration is not a trivial matter. If you don’t want to have problems in the future, you can understand it clearly in advance.

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