How to choose the curtain color? What should I pay attention to when choosing curtain colors?

Curtains are a must-have product for families, and curtains are widely used. Curtains are installed in almost all windows in the family, which can effectively isolate sunlight and protect a certain degree of privacy Therefore, how to choose the color of curtains is the place where people around you are confused. You must know what to pay attention to when choosing curtain colors, and then you can choose colors better. The matching of colors must be in line with science.

How to choose the color of the curtain?

1. The walls are yellow or light yellow, the furniture is purple, black or brown, and the curtains should be yellow or golden.

2. The walls are light lake green, the furniture is yellow, green or brown, and the curtains are preferably medium green or grass green.

3. The walls are white or pale ivory, the furniture is yellow or gray, and the curtains should be orange.

4. The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains should be in blue with a white background.

What should I pay attention to when choosing curtain colors?

1. In larger rooms, use cloth curtains; cloth curtains are helpful for sleeping and blocking the bad influence of the outside world; It can be nerve-wracking and difficult to unwind, but it can be lessened if you hang heavy fabric curtains on the windows.

2. The restaurant is suitable for white curtains, avoid gray, mustard yellow, purple or turquoise, because it will be off-putting. If you’re on a diet, go blue, green or gray.

3. Curtains, walls, and furniture should try to avoid similar tones. For example, the walls are yellowish, and the curtains are also beige and apricot yellow. Psychologically, it is inevitable to feel “dizzy”; another example is the light lake-colored wall with medium-green curtains. Although the color is uniform, it feels cold. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can create a quiet and warm atmosphere; however, in smaller rooms, small windows tend to reduce sunlight exposure, so it is advisable to choose blinds that allow a lot of light to filter through.

4. If the window is facing a glass curtain wall building, the glass curtain wall will reflect sunlight into the house, forming a “light evil”, which makes people emotionally unstable and prone to mental problems. You can install gauze curtains , and the curtains will be drawn down until sunset, because the glass-curtained building will only serve as a mirror after sunset, without evil spirits; if there are neon light tubes outside the windows, the curtains will be drawn down day and night.

5. If the windows are facing the hospital or sharp corners, unclean things, etc., and they are very close, wooden shutters should be installed on the windows to prevent evil spirits from entering, and try to open them as little as possible. should. Too thick curtains will reduce family reunion, and gorgeous patterns will have few visitors. Simple or patterned patterns are the best choices for home window decorations.

The above explains how to choose the color of the curtains, and what to pay attention to when choosing the color of the curtains. Yes, so when choosing curtains, you should choose according to the overall decoration style, and the color matching should conform to the overall color of the decoration, so as to make the curtains look more beautiful.

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