The curtains are not cleaned, which is harmful! The old aunt teaches you to dry-clean the curtains without removing them, and they will be as clean as new in 5 minutes!

Indoor decoration, curtains are installed to make the room look more beautiful. The curtains must be cleaned after long-term use. Otherwise, when the curtains are opened, all kinds of dust will fall at home, which is not easy to clean, and there will be a lot of bacteria scattered in the room. The curtains are heavy and difficult to remove and clean. And the old aunt taught you how to dry-clean the curtains without removing them, it’s very simple!

One: The method of dry-cleaning curtains without dismantling

1. Steam cleaning method

If you have a steam cleaner, first use the normal mode to vacuum the dust, then switch to the steam mode to clean it again, the curtains will be Cleaned up very clean! If you don’t have a steam cleaner at home, you can use a steam iron instead, the cleaning effect is the same, and you can also wrinkle the curtains by the way!

2. Vacuum cleaner cleaning method

A large amount of dust on the curtains can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner, without disassembly The curtains can be cleaned once a week.

Second: The price of cleaning curtains

1. Washing of gauze curtains: the price is usually 10 yuan/meter (based on the width).

2. Washing of curtains: the price is usually 29 yuan/meter (based on width).

3. Lining washing: the price is generally 10 yuan/meter (based on the width).

4. Additional charges: If the height exceeds 3 meters, multiply the price by 1.5 times; if cleaning requires mite removal, an additional 8 yuan/m will be added.

Three: Curtain cleaning service price

1. Generally speaking, the curtain washing service is mainly priced by the meter, while Austrian curtains and Roman shades are priced according to the square meter.

2. The unit price is about 18 yuan, and one curtain track and hanging cloth can be installed; if the home is made of double poles, it will be counted as two; if it is double track + curtain, it will be counted as three.

3. The curtain washing service is generally calculated according to the square, and the calculation unit is 100x100cm as a square.

Four: Look at the size and specification of the curtains

1. If it is a door-to-door service, in addition to the size and specification of the curtain, it also depends on whether it needs to be disassembled. If there is no need to disassemble, the price is usually within 150 yuan; if disassembly is required, the price is generally around 300-350 yuan.

2. We all know that different dry cleaners have different charging standards. Some people count according to the number of photos; some count according to the unfolded area of the curtains; two curtains for one window generally cost 400-500 yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary.

Five: How to maintain curtains

1. Use a damp cloth or wipe off the dust

Pay attention to the material of the curtains before cleaning them , Bamboo roller blinds or venetian blinds do not need to be disassembled, just wipe off the dust on them with a clean wet rag. Fabric curtains need to be disassembled before washing. If there are curtain hooks or metal accessories, they also need to be disassembled, otherwise Cleaning will damage these accessories. For curtain ties and accessories, if they are hand-woven crafts, just use a damp rag or a hair dryer to blow off the dust on the surface without washing.

2. The water temperature during cleaning is controlled below 30 degrees Celsius

Fabric curtains generally shrink after being washed with water. When cleaning curtains, do not soak them for a long time in advance. High temperature will cause the curtain to shrink seriously, and the water temperature during cleaning should be controlled below 30 degrees Celsius. Soaking and high temperature will make the curtain shrink seriously, and avoid using strong detergent, the international standard shrinkage rate of decorative cloth is 3%.

3. Different fabrics are cleaned separately

The curtains are all produced with pigments through different processes. There is a possibility of slight color fading. Especially red and black with poor color fastness. Therefore, when washing, different fabrics should be washed separately to avoid mutual dyeing.

4. Thinner curtains are not suitable for machine washing

Some thinner curtain products (especially glass yarn in window screens) cannot be dried by washing machine. When cleaning, you can soak it in dissolved washing powder (soap) water, rinse it and then take it up to dry in a cool place (not in the sun) or hang it up directly.

5. Roman blinds should be dry-cleaned as much as possible

Roman blinds should be dry-cleaned at a dry cleaner as much as possible. Because Roman blinds have strict requirements on the size of the window. If washed with water, it may cause deformation or shrinkage, but dry cleaning will have a setting step, and the problems caused by water washing can be avoided.

6. Wipe the shading cloth with a damp cloth

The shading cloth cannot be washed directly in the washing machine. Because this will wash out the coating behind the shade cloth. The best way to clean it is to wipe it directly with a damp cloth (or some soapy water).

7. Bamboo curtains and wooden curtains should not be washed with water

Although bamboo curtains and wooden curtains have been treated with moisture before leaving the factory, they still need to prevent wet liquids and gases. Therefore, do not use water when cleaning. Generally, you can clean it with a feather sweeper or a dry cloth.

8. Wipe roller blinds, blinds, vertical curtains, etc. with damp cloth

The cleaning method of roller blinds, blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds and organ curtains is relatively simple. You can directly wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, and if necessary, you can add some neutral detergent to the water.

The curtains in my friends’ homes are dirty, so I use the above methods to clean the curtains, and the curtains can be removed dust. We need to develop the habit of maintaining the curtains regularly to make the home look cleaner and reduce the growth of bacteria, which is good for human health!

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