The choice of interior decoration west window curtains? Interior decoration west window curtains to choose?

How to choose western window curtains for interior decoration? What should be paid attention to when purchasing western window curtains for interior decoration? After the interior decoration is completed, we will continue to purchase soft decoration. Curtains are an indispensable product in our space, so we will start to buy them just after the decoration. But now there are so many types of curtains, I don’t know where to choose. I don’t know if you have discovered that as long as it is a good design, it must be set off by curtains. Curtains can make the indoor environment more warm.

 The choice of interior decoration western window curtains?

A. Light and thin curtains make the small space look transparent. Due to the small size of the dining area, the use of overly heavy curtains tends to make the space narrower. Therefore, a thinner Roman shade is used here with thin striped flat curtains, and a layer of decorative curtains is added in the middle. It is very important, the hollow texture makes the overall feeling lighter;

B. Choose the contrasting color of the main color of the room as the curtain color, which can balance the overall color. In this example, the wall of the living room is painted pink, and the big red floral sofa is added. Roman curtains supplement the lack of shading function of openwork curtains.

C. The combination of different materials not only enriches the form of curtains, but also maximizes the effect of curtains. The lighting of the study is very important. The venetian blinds are convenient for adjusting the intensity of the light in the study, but it tends to look monotonous. Adding the orange-red striped curtains makes the colors on the wall more active.

D. Use the curtain eyebrow to cover the curtain rail or the hanging part on the top of the curtain, which can make the curtain more neat and generous. For the curtains in the corner of the game room, two layers of wavy eyebrows in lemon yellow and rose red are used to decorate the top of the curtains, which not only makes the curtains more tidy as a whole, but also makes the original regular striped curtains lively.

 What should you pay attention to when choosing interior decoration western window curtains?

A. The color of the curtains in the living room should be close to the ground, such as the ground is purple The curtains can choose pink, pink and other colors similar to the ground, but they should not be stereotyped. For example, for a smaller room, the floor is maroon red, and then maroon red curtains are used, the room will appear narrow. Therefore, when the color contrast between the ground and the furniture is strong, you can choose the color of the ground; when the contrast between the ground color and the color of the furniture is weak, you can choose the color of the furniture.

B. If neither the ground color nor the furniture color can be used as a reference, you can also choose the color system according to the light color. The warm color light system of orange can be matched with cool color systems such as beige and fruit green. For the milky white neutral light system, warm colors such as beige, light coffee, and light red can be selected. In addition, avoid disharmonious color matching when choosing. Generally speaking, red and green, green and orange, red and blue, and yellow and purple are not harmonious.

 The choice of interior decoration west window curtains? What should we pay attention to when choosing interior decoration west window curtains? When we choose curtains, we must pay attention to the matching of color and style. What I want to remind everyone is that the curtains, walls and furniture must avoid similar tones as much as possible. If the walls are yellowish, then the curtains can be apricot yellow, beige and other colors, which will look more harmonious.

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