Such metal curtains enhance the taste of home, why don’t you hurry up and try it?

In the home decoration market, more and more new decoration materials appear. The emergence of these new decoration materials makes our life more perfect and more beautiful, and at the same time It has greatly enriched our home life.

Today, I will introduce a new type of curtain, metal curtain. This kind of curtain has many advantages.

The metal curtain wiper is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, brass and copper And other alloy materials, made by spiral sleeve weaving, can be pleated, and can even move freely like traditional curtains, but it has the beauty that traditional curtains do not have. The appearance will not fade, and due to the good properties of the alloy, this kind of curtain will not have any bending and breaking. It is very suitable for the sunshade of buildings, corridors and hotel decoration.

What are the specific advantages of metal curtains? First of all, metal curtains are made of alloy materials, which are very durable and have many characteristics of traditional curtains. Most metal curtains are made of spiral sleeves, so the drooping property is very good, and the aesthetic feeling is stronger. Metal curtains can move freely like traditional curtains due to their unique design, and they are also It has the luster and flexibility of metal. Metal curtains are very different in style from traditional fabric curtains. The colors of this kind of curtains are changeable, and they can show a variety of different colors in the sun, increasing the modernity of the interior breath, increase the beauty of the interior. Because this kind of curtain is made of metal material, it can be widely used. At the same time, it also has good light transmission and air permeability during use. Compared with traditional curtains The applicability is very strong. It can be used very well on many occasions.

Then we are choosing metal curtains How to make an appropriate choice afterwards? We can disassemble a small spiral of the metal curtain, hold one side of the spiral with two hands and straighten it hard to see if it is peeling and cracking. If not, it means yes If the quality is excellent, if there is cracking or peeling, it means that the quality of this metal curtain is not good enough.

In our traditional impression, metal cannot be used to make curtains, but now we have made beautiful and practical curtains through advanced technology. On the one hand, it has the traditional characteristics of traditional curtains. On the other hand, the structure is very strong. The alloy material is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant and will not fade or change color, so this kind of curtain is also very high-end.

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