What color and style are the most popular curtains? Which material is the best for curtains?

There are many issues that should be considered when decorating a home. After some exterior decoration is completed, some details of decoration should also be considered, such as the selection of curtains When choosing a curtain, you should consider the privacy and sound insulation effect of the curtain. In addition, the color and style of curtains should also be valued, so what is the most popular color and style of curtains? Which material curtain is good, let’s take a look at the relevant introduction below.

What is the color and style of the most popular curtains

For popular curtains There are many kinds of colors and styles, among which the more common colors are pink, orange curtains, green curtains and yellow curtains. Different colors emit different brilliance.

1. Pink curtains

Pink curtains are romantic and elegant. The combination of pink + blue is like the encounter between flowers and the sky and waves. The pink tone is soft and beautiful, like the frown and smile of a beauty rippling in my heart.

2. Orange curtain

The color is bright and warm, and the tone is hot and cheerful. Orange tells the most touching love story in the simplest language. Orange curtains are not only a favorite in the fashion world, but also a fashion inspiration for luxury homes, making the entire space exude elegance and romance.

3. Green curtains

It is very suitable for the pastoral decoration style and can create a home space with a natural atmosphere. If the walls in your home are green, then you must remember to choose a curtain of the same green color, either dark or light, so that the layering of the space can be enhanced.

4. Yellow curtains

Yellow has a moderate wavelength and is the most luminous color among all hues, giving people a light, transparent, brilliant, hopeful and vibrant color impression. At the same time, yellow also has a little bit of luck, which can improve the family’s wealth.

Which material is better for curtains

1. Flannel curtain

Advantages: soft hand feeling, strong drape, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, strong color fastness. Disadvantages: strong vacuuming, thick and difficult to clean.

2. Cotton linen curtain

Advantages: good moisture absorption and air permeability, soft luster, simple and natural. Disadvantages: lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle after washing, easy to shrink and lose shape, easy to fade.

3. Plastic aluminum blinds

Advantages: good shading effect, easy to clean, suitable for installation in the kitchen. Disadvantages: It cannot block mosquitoes. Although there are more colors on the market, the aesthetics is not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

4. Wooden woven curtains

Wooden woven curtains can be divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving and rattan weaving. Advantages: strong decoration, good air permeability, can show style and taste, natural and simple. Disadvantages: opaque, high price, bamboo curtains are prone to mildew, and reed curtains are prone to insects.

5. Polyester curtains

Advantages: waterproof and oil-proof, non-toxic and cool, sun-resistant, acid and alkali resistant. Disadvantages: poor hygroscopicity, air permeability and dyeing performance. Advantages of gauze curtains: elegant and light, beautiful and cool, good moisture absorption. Disadvantages: no shading, easy to shrink and wrinkle, easy to fade.

What is the color and style of the most popular curtains and what kind of curtains are better? After going through the above introduction, you should already know something about it. There are many colors of curtains. What kind of color should you choose? Or you should make a decision based on the overall decoration style of the home and the interior decoration design. In addition Curtains of different materials have different life spans and maintenance methods, so you should have an understanding of each material.

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