Simple style curtains with decoration, how to choose simple style curtains

Because the simple style curtains have simple and smooth lines, the color contrast of the curtains is also relatively strong. When arranging curtains for new house decoration, many people like to choose simple style curtains. But in order to make good use of the effect of simple style curtains, it is very important to know its matching and decoration skills in advance, as well as the selection method of curtains. So how to decorate with simple style curtains? How to choose simple style curtains?

Minimalist style curtains Decoration

1. Simple style curtain matching decoration is the mainstream of home decoration style in recent years. Its style features focus on simplicity rather than complexity, and focus on simplicity and simplicity. The fancy lace, curtains and tassels of the curtains can all be omitted, and only bright white, sky blue, grass green or simple but creative geometric figures can be used.

2. When decorating simple style curtains, the color of the curtains can be more jumpy, but you must not choose patterns with more flowers, so as not to damage the overall feeling, you can consider choosing strip patterns.

3. The modern minimalist style should reflect the characteristics of simplicity and clarity, so when choosing curtains for the living room, you can choose materials such as pure cotton, linen, and silk to ensure the natural feeling of the curtains.

4. The curtains in the bedroom pay more attention to functionality, and should be fully protected from light to ensure sleep. Try to choose floor-to-ceiling curtains in the bedroom to avoid light leakage due to short curtains. Owners who have high requirements for sleep quality may consider installing a layer of shading cloth inside the curtains to enhance the shading effect.

5. Due to the simple lines and few decorative elements, modern style furniture needs complete soft decoration to show its beauty. For example, a sofa needs cushions, a dining table needs tablecloths, and a bed needs curtains and bed sheets. Soft furnishings are the key to modern style. That is to say, the simple-style curtains should be set against other ones.

How to choose simple-style curtains

1. The choice of curtain color should echo the style and color of other interior decorations, so as to Mainly pure color. This choice can not only reflect the taste and quality of the user, but also facilitate the matching of various modern and minimalist decorations.

2. When choosing simple-style curtains, you can save as much as possible for various decorations on the curtains. Simple curtains can better show its bright style. In terms of materials, natural and vibrant cotton and linen fabrics are enough to make the simple style glamorous.

If any style of curtains is to be fully utilized, it is essential to choose the right curtains and carry out perfect matching and decoration. The same is true for simple style curtains, so if you choose this style, it is essential to understand this information. At the same time, the editor also hopes that the introduction of the relevant content about the simple style curtain decoration and selection introduced by the editor will be helpful to everyone.

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