A well-known choice for window curtains? Is it better to buy curtains online or in physical stores?

In a family, curtains are a very important product, whether in the bedroom or in the living room, we can see the influence of curtains, and curtains can make our home life more Brighten up, but many people don’t know much about choosing curtains, so let’s talk about the well-known choice of window curtains? Is it better to buy curtains online or in physical stores? Hope it can help you all.

How to choose window curtains

1. Choose the small window in the bedroom When choosing curtains, it should be decided according to the decoration style of the bedroom. There are many styles of bedrooms, including European style, Chinese style, and modern style. If the curtain color chosen for the bedroom of the elderly is solemn and elegant, you can choose curtains with dark flowers and plain colors; for the bedroom of young people, it should be lively and lively, so you can choose modern patterns and colors; Cool tones; on the contrary, if you like lively, you can choose warm and bright colors.

2. In terms of curtain matching, there are many double-layer fabric combinations of window screens and cloth curtains in the market for small window curtains, which have good sound insulation and strong shading effects, and window screens with rich colors It will make the curtains softer and warmer; if you like to sleep, it is recommended that you choose blackout cloth, a good blackout effect will allow you to have an excellent sleep.

3. The curtain bed should be longer than the window sill, so as to avoid blowing the curtain when the wind is strong. The width of the curtains depends on the width of the window, and it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrower windows should choose wider curtains to block the seemingly redundant walls on both sides. There is also whether the curtains are pleated or double-layered, which depends on each person’s preference. Pleating has a dynamic and rhythmic beauty; double-layered curtains have a unique charm inside and out.

Whether it is better to buy curtains online or in physical stores

Each has its own advantages.

1. Online shoppers can enter the store to check the quality, color, style and material of the products they like. When they are clear, they can consult the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper will tell the truth that there may be some color difference problems. If the consumer receives the product, does not like it, or the purchased product does not match what they want to sell, then you can choose to return or exchange the product. The downside is that you install it yourself.

2. The advantage of purchasing in a physical store is that consumers can enter the store to experience the material, color and style of the curtains for themselves. After the selection is made, the shopkeeper will customize according to the needs of consumers to meet the various needs of users. Make sure that the owner will come to install it in person.

The above introduces all the knowledge about the well-known selection of window curtains, whether it is better to buy curtains online or in a physical store. We choose suitable curtains at home to make our home life easier, so when we choose, You must first have a certain understanding of curtains, and then as for whether it is better to buy curtains online or in a physical store? This mainly depends on which selection method is more suitable for you, and each has its own advantages.

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