How to maintain gray curtains with curtains

Because gray is more popular in the market now, everyone will choose this color whether they are buying furniture or curtains. If you are worried that this kind of color will not look good, you can first detail Take a look at how the gray curtains are used. If you think this color is good, you can buy it directly. At the same time, we need to know how to maintain the curtains. Only in this way can we know how to take care of the curtains.

Application of gray curtains

Walls, sofas, and curtains are all gray Low-key, quiet temperament slowly rising. Buddhist youths who like to live indifferently can copy this set of collocations. If you like to be fashionable and lively, it is recommended to choose fashionable light gray curtains, and the room will immediately show your personality. The curtains are also “careful” in the details. The dark blue embellishment echoes the color of the coffee table and pillows. The two words describe it as “harmony”.

Gray is good-looking, not impetuous, and has no specific style, but it can control any style; it is also very varied, and it can produce unexpected effects when matched with other colors. Different from the purity of white, it does not steal the spotlight, but it makes people feel at ease. Moreover, gray curtains have a good shielding effect, even if they are not thick, outsiders will not be able to peek in; in terms of shading, gray is far better than other colors. If blackout fabrics aren’t your thing, a textured cotton gray is just the thing.

How to maintain curtains

1. Curtains should generally be dusted once a week, with particular attention to removing dust accumulated between fabric structures.

2. Cleaning different curtains requires different methods: ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but it is recommended to choose dry cleaning for fabrics that are easy to shrink or imported high-grade fabrics.

3. Do not use detergents containing bleaching ingredients to clean curtains, and they should be cleaned regularly every six months. Try not to dehydrate and dry, but choose to dry naturally, so as not to destroy the unique texture of the curtain.

4. If it is stained, wipe it off with a clean cloth dampened with water. To avoid marking, work from the outside of the stain.

5. Curtain beauty: After washing all the window screens, soak them in milk for a while, then wash them and let them dry naturally. The color of the sheer curtain will be more vivid after soaking (no bleaching).

6. If the thread is found to be loose, it cannot be broken by hand, but should be cut with scissors.

After reading the knowledge in the above article, I already know how to use gray curtains. The article has written the most detailed knowledge for everyone. We can take a look at these introductions in detail. From the introduction We can master a lot of knowledge, so with these, we can know whether the curtains of this color look good or not, and at the same time know how to maintain the curtains.

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