Rich people no longer hang these types of curtains at home, not because they are ugly, but because they are afraid of losing their fortune!

Curtains will appear in a very conspicuous position in the home. If the choice is reasonable, the curtains are very good decorations. When we choose curtains, we must pay attention to the taboos of curtains. Curtains in many colors and patterns are off limits. If you use these curtains at home for a long time, it will have a very adverse effect on the fortune of your family, and the God of Wealth will not dare to come to your house. Friends, pay more attention to the influence of the curtains at home!

Taboos for Curtains

1. Curtains, walls and furniture should be aligned as much as possible Avoid similar tones, such as the wall is yellowish, and the curtains are also beige, apricot yellow, which seems harmonious, but in fact, if you stay in such a color-matched room for a long time, you will inevitably feel “dizzy” psychologically; The walls are made of medium green curtains. Although the color is uniform, it feels cold.

2. For a dark north-facing room, neutral and cool tones are suitable, with an elegant mood; for a sunny room with better lighting, choose millet red or yellow curtains to adjust the strong light into a delicate Astigmatism, coordinate yin and yang.

3. Avoid patterns with ominous meanings. Young people prefer novelty things, and sometimes choose some trendy and alternative patterns, but this may imply bad luck on the Internet. For example, common skull patterns, dolls with weird shapes and ferocious animals, etc., these should be avoided to avoid adverse effects on the owner. Especially the elderly room and children’s room should be more careful.

4. Avoid pink curtains. Do not choose light pink for curtains, otherwise it will easily make people’s nerves fragile, and it will also cause frequent quarrels among family members. In addition, curtains and floors should try to avoid red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple. Color matching, so as not to have a bad psychological feeling. Among them, the dark north-facing room is suitable for neutral and cool tones to create an elegant atmosphere; while the sunny room with better lighting can choose to hang millet red or yellow curtains to adjust the strong light and coordinate yin and yang.

5. Remember not to choose heavy styles. If you hang heavy curtains, it is easy to hinder the wealth of the family. Because the window in the middle is an important connection channel between the living room and the outside world, and it is a good place to attract wealth and happiness. It is recommended to install cold and hot water pipes in the faucet, so that it will be more convenient to use at that time. If you want to remedy it afterwards, it will be very troublesome. Anyone who has experienced it personally knows it well.

6. Avoid choosing black curtains. When choosing curtains at home, you must pay attention. You must not choose black curtains, because black windows generally represent ominous omens. If you choose curtains of this color, it is easy to attract evil spirits to your home. There will be accidents in your own home, and bad luck will continue, so you must pay attention to avoid choosing black curtains.

7. Avoid choosing red curtains. When choosing curtains in the living room, you must pay attention. It is not advisable to choose red curtains. Although curtains are generally a festive color in school, this is only the case on special days. If you use red curtains on ordinary days, It will easily cause bloody disasters in the family. So be sure to pay attention.

8. Nowadays, there are many styles and materials of curtains on the market. For home furnishing, you should choose according to the five elements: the five elements of the upward-drawn Roman curtain belong to earth, and block the water evil spirit in the north; the five elements of artificial fiber belong to fire, and block the gold evil spirit in the northwest and west; The wave-shaped water wave curtain has five elements of water, which can block the fire evil in the south.

9. Match the curtains according to the size of the room. If the living room has a large area, then use curtains, which are good for sleeping and blocking external light. At the same time, the long curtains on the floor can also create a quiet and warm atmosphere. However, for a small-scale living room, in order to increase the sunlight For exposure, it is advisable to choose blinds that allow a lot of light to pass through.

If the curtains in your friends’ home accidentally violate the taboo mentioned above, then make rectification as soon as possible after you go back. Let poor luck leave your home, and the God of Wealth will naturally be willing to appear in your home. Indoors, many items have taboos. If friends learn more knowledge, the impact on family fortune is very obvious.

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