How to clean curtains? The daily maintenance method of curtains?

The curtains are relatively large, and the most annoying thing in daily life is the problem of curtain cleaning. Therefore, the average family only cleans the curtains once a year, or longer. In fact, after understanding the method of cleaning curtains, everyone will know how to clean them correctly, so that the cleaning work will be easier. What is the daily maintenance method of curtains? Let’s introduce the relevant content in detail below, and tell you about the maintenance of curtains. Let’s take a look at the relevant content.

How to clean the curtains?

1. Clean the curtains with a vacuum cleaner

We can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains. The above would be a very good approach. It can quickly clean the dust on the curtains. And there is no need to remove the curtains.

2. Cleaning curtains with an iron

We can use an iron to clean, and an electric iron is a good helper for cleaning curtains. It can quickly and cleanly clean the dust on the curtains, and the iron itself has a good humidification function, which allows us to remove the wrinkles on the curtains while cleaning the curtains, achieving a good wrinkle removal effect.

What is the daily maintenance of curtains?

1. The current home curtains, in terms of texture, include cloth curtains, bamboo curtains, wooden empty and other varieties. Cloth curtains are the traditional decoration of windows. Bamboo curtains have a long history, but do you still remember the scene when the ancients lifted up the bamboo curtains and toasted to invite the moon? Bamboo curtains are woven from bamboo strips and thin ropes. After special processing, the roughness of the original bamboo is removed, but the simplicity and beauty of the bamboo slices are still maintained.

People who like antique furniture may wish to choose a satisfactory bamboo curtain, so that your family can exude a distant pastoral atmosphere, and experience the elegance and refinement of the ancients. Similar to bamboo curtains, wooden woven curtains are made of wood blocks woven with ropes, which appear more stable and practical. The windows decorated with this kind of wooden curtains should first have doors and windows made of plastic steel, so as to bring out a more classical, dignified and beautiful taste.

2. The curtains should be cleaned according to their own characteristics, do not use bleach, try not to dehydrate and dry, and let them dry naturally, so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself.

3. It should be noted that the curtains should be cleaned every six months or so. Ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but fabrics that are easy to shrink should be dry-cleaned as much as possible; canvas or hemp curtains should be dipped in warm water or soap with a sponge Wipe with solution, and roll it up after drying; when cleaning velvet fabrics, soak the curtains in neutral cleaning solution first, press lightly with your hands, wash them, and put them on the shelf to let the water drip dry automatically, which will make the curtains dry. The curtains are clean as new. For the cleaning of window lintels, curtains and lace, soak the lace curtains with clean water, then wash them with warm water with soda, and then wash them with washing powder or soapy water.

4. When cleaning roller curtains, you need to pull down the dirty roller curtains first, spread them flat, and wipe them with a cloth. Since the middle of the rollers is usually empty, you can use a long stick , One end is tied with fluff and stretched in and kept turning to remove the dust.

What is the method of cleaning the curtains? Some common sense is introduced above. For example, you can choose to clean with an iron or a vacuum cleaner. Easy to do. What is the daily maintenance method of curtains? These maintenance tips need to be understood and understood by everyone, so that the curtains can be properly maintained in daily life, and the use time of curtains can also be extended.

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