Rich people install curtains without track rods and Roman rods, all in one box! So beautiful

Curtains are the soft part of interior decoration. Many friends use Roman rods and track rods to decorate curtains. Although these two accessories are low in cost, they are also low in aesthetics, which will directly affect the overall aesthetics of the curtains. So now rich people no longer use Roman rods and track rods, but use curtain boxes. When decorating, many master craftsmen will also recommend friends to install curtain boxes, so how is curtain box better than Roman poles and track poles? Let’s take a look at the advantages of curtain boxes!

One: The advantages of curtain boxes

1. Concealed and beautiful. The advantage of the curtain box lies in its concealment. Generally, we will install Roman poles in the position of non-bay windows, and the Roman poles will be more abrupt. After using the curtain box, it will give you a feeling of concealment, so If so, the whole will appear more unified, and it will look more beautiful.

2. You can install curtains. In addition, if you use a curtain box, you can also install a window curtain, which is also a decorative detail of the curtain. After installing the window curtain, the room decoration effect will be better. Generally, it is more suitable to install the window curtain in European-style, pastoral and other decoration styles.

3. In terms of sanitation, there are advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to sanitation, there are pros and cons. The advantage is that after the concealed curtain box is made, there is no need to worry about the problem of dust falling on the top. If the Roman rod is used, a lot of dust will accumulate on the Roman rod after a long time.

Two: How to install the curtain box?

1. Positioning and drawing lines

Installing the curtain box (rod), the center must be positioned according to the requirements of the design drawing, and the leveling line and structural relationship must be played well.

2. Check and handle embedded parts

After finding the line, check Check whether the position, specification and pre-embedding method of the pre-embedded fixings for fixing the curtain box (rod) can meet the installation and fixing requirements. If errors are found in the elevation, flatness, center position, and distance from the wall, immediate measures should be taken.

3. Check the processed products

Check the processed products that have entered the site, and check whether their varieties, specifications, and assembly structures meet the design and installation requirements.

4. Install the curtain box

(1) Install the curtain box

First determine the elevation according to the horizontal line, draw the center line of the curtain box, and draw the center line of the curtain box when installing Align with window centerline. The part of the curtain box against the wall should be tightly attached, and the specific fixing method should be determined according to the design of the curtain box.

(2) Install curtain rails

Curtain rails are divided into single, double and triple tracks. When the window width is greater than 1.2 meters, the curtain rail should be disconnected, and the bends at the disconnection should be staggered, the bends should be gentle, and the lap length should not be less than 200 mm. The bright curtain box generally installs the track first, and the dark curtain box should install the track last. Machine screws should be added to the heavy curtain rails, the small corners of the heavy curtain rails should be densely spaced, and the size of the wood screws should not be less than 30 mm.

(3) Install the curtain rod

Correct the connecting fixture, install the rod or steel wire, and place it on the fixture.

Three: Precautions for Curtain Box Installation

1. Before the curtain box is installed, the marking should be accurate, the installation elevation should be consistent, the center line should comply with the regulations in the construction drawing, and the phenomenon of skewed installation and inaccurate position of the curtain box should be avoided.

2. When installing the curtain box, you should carefully check the relevant dimensions, so that the two ends of the curtain box have the same length, so as to avoid the inconsistent length of the curtain box and affect its appearance.

3. Generally, the thickness of the curtain box cover plate should not be less than 15mm, and the cover plate less than 15mm should use machine screws to fix the curtain rail , otherwise it will cause the curtain track to fall off.

4. When processing curtain box wooden products, the wood used must be fully dry. After entering the site, it is strictly prohibited to be stored with moisture, and a varnish should be applied in time after being polished during installation to prevent the front panel of the curtain box from being twisted. Phenomenon.

The curtain box is much more beautiful than the Roman pole and track pole. Friends install curtains, it is recommended to use the curtain box, which will not lower the curtain aesthetics. However, the price of curtain boxes will be higher, which will increase the budget cost of soft decoration. Therefore, when you are decorating curtains, you should consider whether to use curtain boxes for curtain installation according to the decoration cost budget.

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