The curtains no longer need to be removed and washed, learn a trick from the old nanny, and easily make the curtains look brand new!

Every household has curtains, but few people know how to clean them. I was busy with work, so few people cleaned it. Today I want to tell you that the curtains have been hung for a long time. In fact, there are many bacteria and molds on the curtains that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If they are not cleaned properly, they will be dirtier than the toilet after a long time. Today, the editor will teach you some tricks, you can wash the curtains very clean without dismantling and washing without water.

Vacuum cleaning method

Make curtains clean? The easiest and least labor-intensive method is to use a vacuum cleaner. Due to the floating dust on the curtains, it can be sucked lightly without disassembly, which is convenient and clean. (Cleaning carpets and bedding can be used)

Steam iron cleaning method

In addition to ironing clothes, an electric iron is also a good way to clean curtains helper. The steam iron itself has a humidifying effect, and it can also de-wrinkle the curtains and make the old curtains look new.

Of course, not all curtain materials are suitable for the above two tips. The editor reminds everyone, don’t just throw the curtains into the washing machine for washing, it is easy to be washed!

How to clean the lace curtains?

First use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floating dust on the curtains, and then use a chicken feather blanket to sweep it gently, and the curtains with lace can be cleaned!

Wash cotton and linen curtains like this

Because the cotton and linen curtains are relatively thin, they are easily damaged by machine washing. Use a sponge to dip a little soapy water and wipe it lightly, the stains will generally fall off, and it can also prevent wrinkles. (If you encounter stubborn stains, add a small amount of lavender essential oil to solve it)

What about velvet curtains?

Velvet has a delicate feel, soft and thick texture, and it is troublesome to clean. It is recommended to evenly spray neutral laundry detergent on the curtains, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, which is quick and easy, and the cleaning effect is very good.

How to clean the blinds?

The shutters are the most fashionable, beautiful and stylish, but they are a headache to clean. Coup: Use a clip, wrap the clips on both sides with a rag, then stretch it with a rubber band, dip it in a little detergent or white vinegar, it will be clean with less worry and effort.

Roller blind

It is generally difficult to remove the roller blind, but how to wipe it It is difficult to clean and it is very laborious. You may wish to dip the detergent brush to remove the floating dust first, and then spray some polish to keep the roller blind clean for a long time. Let it dry naturally!

Small tips for dealing with chemical fiber polyester curtains

The curtains made of chemical fiber polyester fabric are very wear-resistant, so it is no problem to wash them with a washing machine! But disassembly is very troublesome, if you want to be lazy, there is a way. Add some baking soda, alcohol, and rose essential oil to the water and mix thoroughly, put it in a small watering can and spray it, which is better than a vacuum cleaner.

After reading so much, the cleaning tips, are you no longer afraid of cleaning the curtains! Everyone can “take the right seat” when cleaning, so as to ensure the service life of the curtains, act quickly, and give the curtains a big change at home! If you have any better suggestions, please leave a message in the comment area.

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