How to hang curtains What materials are the curtains made of?

Curtains can help us protect our privacy very well, so basically every household will hang curtains now. In the hot summer, some thinner curtains can also help us block the ultraviolet rays outside the window, so that we can be lighter indoors. These two questions about how to hang curtains and what materials the curtains are made of. I believe that many people are more curious, so today we Huijun will give specific answers to these two questions.

How to Hang Curtains

Step 1:

First determine the number of hanging rings and hooks needed for each side of the curtain: generally about 20 per side.

Step 2:

How to distribute the hanging ring and hook: first fold in half, then fold in half, then fold in half again. . . . The last fold in half is where the loops and hooks will hang. Count the folds of this double fold and it is OK if it is equal to or less than the number of rings and hooks you have in hand.

Step 3:

There are generally 3 hooks for hanging poles, left, middle and right. There is a method when installing the hooks. For the left and right sides, try to rely on the left and right sides. There is only one hanging ring position for hanging curtains at the outermost part.

Step 4:

When pulling the curtains in the future, pull the curtains towards the middle, then the last hanging ring will be stuck, which can ensure that all the curtains will not go to the middle .

Step 5:

The hooks on both sides of the pole are installed, then the middle hook must be installed to hook the pole. If the middle position is chosen to be crooked, then the curtain will lead to the phenomenon that one side is not fully opened, and the other side is not fully opened.

Step 6:

When choosing the middle hook position, pull up the curtains and find the correct middle position.

What materials are the curtains made of

1, cotton linen curtains.

The curtain has good moisture absorption and air permeability, and is soft to the touch. As a curtain fabric, it also has a certain effect of absorbing dust in the air; it lacks elasticity and is not crisp, and it is easy to wrinkle after washing.

2, plastic aluminum blinds.

The blinds have good shading effect and strong ventilation, but the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not as good as that of cloth gauze curtains. Therefore, the shutters are more suitable to be installed in the kitchen of the home, and the oil stains can be washed off with water.

3, velvet curtains.

Environmentally friendly and healthy, novel and fashionable, easy to clean. The chemical reaction between the dye and the fiber can penetrate deep into the fiber, soft to the touch, good drape, deep coloring on the reverse side of the fabric, and strong color fastness.

4, wooden curtain.

Wooden weaving curtains can create a feeling of returning to nature, which can be divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving and rattan weaving. The wooden woven curtain can show the style and taste in the home. It is basically opaque but has good air permeability. It is suitable for the pure natural style of the home.

How to hang curtains, we teach you how to hang curtains through six steps, I believe that every step of hanging curtains is very important. The details are all above, if you don’t know how to hang curtains, then take a look at today’s article for answers. And what materials are the curtains? The curtains are made of cotton linen curtains, plastic aluminum venetian blinds, velvet curtains, and wooden woven curtains.

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