Quote for engineered curtains? How to install engineering curtains?

When it comes to curtains, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Whether in offices or households, most families will hang this kind of curtains. When we go to the market to buy, we must Considering the combination with the style of the home, otherwise it will not match when you buy it home. Then, first of all, we can first look at the quotation of engineering curtains, and then understand the steps of how to install engineering curtains.

Quotation for engineering curtains?

The price list for curtains is about 20-60 yuan. Curtains are made of cloth, bamboo, reed, hemp, yarn, plastic, metal materials, etc. and are hung on the window to shade or adjust indoor light. curtain. With the development of curtains, it has become an indispensable interior decoration that perfectly combines functionality and decoration. There are many kinds of curtains, and the commonly used varieties are: roller blinds, window screens, vertical curtains, Roman blinds, wooden bamboo curtains, aluminum blinds, cloth curtains, gauze curtains, seamless gauze curtains, blackout curtains, soundproof curtains, and vertical sliding curtains.

Then there are many kinds of prices for general curtains. Bamboo curtains are simple, simple and durable. The price of roller blinds and hemp curtains is 45-75 yuan per square meter. Printed roller blinds-printing scenery, calligraphy, paintings, cartoons, etc. on the roller blinds are relatively ordinary and popular. The price of curtains is 20-45 yuan per square meter.

How to install engineering curtains?

1: Solution for low space: When installing Motu engineering curtain fabric, it does not need to be close to the top of the window frame, and the curtain rod can be moved upwards appropriately to create the illusion of a tall room. So that the people living inside will not feel depressed. The application of curtains is not limited to art decoration, and its function can be expanded to change the space and vision, making the home at a disadvantage in space taller. Motu engineering curtain fabrics focus on matching certain home accessories. If the sense of symmetry and balance is well grasped, it can become a part of the visual focus. The order of furniture arrangement is from high to low, to avoid visual incongruity, or to maintain a consistent center of gravity for decorating the home.

2: Solve the sense of crowding Solution: The storage space should be built along the wall as much as possible, and the window is a part of the wall. Motu engineering curtain fabric makes full use of the window area of the partition. Form an independent style of landscape decoration. Of course, other furniture in the home should be kept as far away from the wall as possible, and a certain aisle should be left. The space effect cut by Motu engineering curtain fabric will not let the indoor space appear due to the layout of the furniture. Small and crowded. Solving the sense of congestion is the result of Motu Engineering’s curtain fabric art being good at using artistic lines.

3: The space is difficult to widen the solution: the room with many windows is most suitable to use Motu engineering curtain fabric, install Motu engineering curtain fabric on the wall windows according to the specifications, and then lean on the side for a few A large full-length mirror, the beautiful frame can be regarded as a work of art. The light distorted by the reflection makes the space look mighty. From a distance, Motu engineering curtain fabric is like looking up and shooting stretchable lines. The colors and patterns are the same, juxtaposed with each other, visually expanding the width of the space. Not only can it create a sense of harmonious rhythm, but it can also give people a peaceful and warm feeling.

4: The living room lacks the finishing touch. Motu engineering curtain fabrics can be combined with home decorations of the same color according to the original furniture in the living room. This kind of matching can immediately add a color to the space. The collocation of Motu engineering curtain fabrics emphasizes that when placing accessories, the small front and the large back can highlight the characteristics of each accessory, and it will feel very comfortable visually. Motu engineering curtain fabric starts from the details, and gradually spreads to the coordination of large furniture. Become the focus of the vision, which can better reflect the owner’s interest and taste.

5: Decoration lacks an eye-catching style Solution: Curtains are a necessity for decoration, and smart people will never bury their talents. Motu engineering curtain fabric uses its own noble color to adjust the home style, so that practicality and style coexist. Motu engineering curtain fabric and the surrounding environment to achieve a smooth and natural. It is simple to place some flowers and plants at home, and more importantly, Motu engineering curtain fabric can bring in the breath of nature. Especially for changing seasons, the style of the curtains is the most important. The curtains can be changed at any time according to different seasons, creating a completely different space.

The quotation of engineering curtains has been written in the article for you, you can refer to the price in the article to buy, so that it is easier to choose when you have a bottom choice in your heart, and I told you about the project How to install the curtains, after you buy it at home, you can install it according to the above installation steps. Then, does this article solve all the troubles in your heart?

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