Should bay window curtains be against the wall or against the window? Big difference in different ways!

Different from ordinary window sills, bay windows give us a wider view, endow life with richer colors, and increase the lighting and ventilation of the apartment. Now more and more young people are very fond of this type of structure. However, many friends have encountered difficulties in decorating bay windows, especially how to choose bay window curtains. They don’t know how to match them and how to install them. Is it going to be floor-to-ceiling like ordinary windows? Or do you make a circle around the bay window? Today, the editor will take you to learn more about it, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Let’s take a look at how to choose bay window curtains:

1. Look at the style. For the choice of bay window curtains, the choice of style is very important. Although each of us has a different definition of beauty and chooses different styles of bay window curtains, when choosing bay window curtains, we must also consider a practical factor, that is, the size of windows in everyone’s home is not the same. Beautiful curtains should not only increase the decorative effect of the room, but also make up for the defects of the window shape.

2. Look at the style. When we choose bay window curtains, we must choose curtains that are roughly the same as the overall style, even if you like to mix and match styles. Before choosing bay window curtains, you may wish to learn more about some decoration cases as a reference. The house type and style may be different from your home, but beautiful bay window curtains will still produce results, but they must be coordinated with the entire environment.

3. Look at the color. Even for ordinary curtains, its color will have a great impact on the overall environment. Not to mention the bay window curtains, if there is a problem with the color matching, it will make the bay window drop in price. Not only will it not show its effect, but it will also destroy the atmosphere of the overall environment. It is suggested that when choosing bay window curtains, try to choose colors that are not very bright. In other words, the choice of bay window colors should not be too bright. Because the function of the bay window is not only to decorate the living room, but also to protect people’s privacy.

How to install bay window curtains?

1, installed in the bay window

This kind of bedroom is suitable for small but has a large bay window For families, the bedroom is spacious when installed in the bay window; the ceiling is installed inside, which does not take up space and is also beautiful! If your bay window area is small, it is recommended not to do this, it will feel too crowded on the bay window;

2, install outside the bay window

This installation method is to install curtains on ordinary windows as if there is no bay window. But it feels like sitting on the bay window, there is no sense of privacy when you are relaxing? Moreover, many people’s bay windows are covered with boards or non-sun-resistant materials, and some problems may occur after long-term exposure to the sun;

3. Sheer curtains, curtains outside

This is suitable for families with a large bedroom area. If the bedroom has a large space, install it outside to make it more atmospheric; this method is the most common, and it is atmospheric and beautiful!

Should the bay window curtain be against the wall or the window? The relevant content of the editor will share with you here, everyone understands now, right? Of course, if you want higher privacy protection, you can also install curtains inside and outside, but the effect of the installation may not be very good-looking, so it is not recommended to install bay window curtains in this way.

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