Curtain and sofa matching skills? Curtain matching guide?

For a housewife, whether the house is clean or not is mainly experienced in some small details. It is whether the collocation in the home is reasonable. Sofas and curtains are indispensable furnishings in the home. How can we better match them? Xiaobian will introduce the matching skills of curtains and sofas? Curtain matching guide?

 Curtain and sofa matching skills?

 1, the wall is white, the sofa is light Color——The floor of the living room is beige, and the curtains mainly choose warm-colored brown-yellow striped curtains to create a simple but not monotonous atmosphere. Through the embellishment of murals and sofa pillows, the space of the entire living room is enriched.

 2. The furniture in the living room is light-colored and the floor is white. Refreshing and pleasant. Because the walls are white, in order to avoid excessive monotony in the living room, green potted plants make the living room full of vitality.

 3, Black-and-white style living room–In this modern black-and-white style living room, black floors are chosen, white sofas are matched, and white picture frames play a finishing touch. The color combination of the living room in cool colors, if you choose curtains in cool colors, the whole living room will be in a stiff state, choose brown-yellow curtains, the layering of the living room will be displayed immediately!

&nbsp ;Curtain collocation guide?

 1, Log color + white: Create your own personalized show in a limited space, and life will have more unexpected fun. Simple, if you like noble and meticulous minimalist style, then the safe white and log color are undoubtedly the best choice, gentle like a spring breeze, calm like a leisurely lake, and at the same time natural and casual, freely swaying, the space is more harmonious, and The style and style complement each other, reflecting the taste and quality of the user,

2 blue + white: warmth, the coolness and flawlessness of white make people feel very free, open-minded, and the living space seems to be like The sea and sky are as open and free as nature. Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling, jazz music has a long history, and people who are obsessed with it think “blues”. Not all sapphire blue, but the finishing touch, which really activates life and makes the kitchen life dynamic, and the blue tone helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, and the kitchen decorated with blue works better. According to color psychology, seeing more blue will make people emotionally stable and think more rationally.
3, black + white + gray: classic, if you like the simple and elegant European style, you can choose Gothic and Mediterranean furniture, and this simple style must use black or gray as the main color. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, blending the popular gray in recent years into it to ease the visual conflict between black and white. This kind of space is full of cool modern and futuristic sense, rational, orderly and professional.

 4, blue + orange: modern, the color combination of blue and orange is the main color, showing the intersection of modernity and tradition, ancient and modern, colliding with reality and The visual experience of retro flavor. These two colors can give the space a new life.

 The above introduces the curtain and sofa matching skills? Curtain matching guide? In fact, we need to know that the color of curtains is determined according to different decorations. Before doing the decoration, you must make the overall decoration effect, and then carry out the decoration, mainly to make the whole family look more harmonious and well-matched after the decoration.

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