More and more people don’t hang Roman poles on the curtains, and now it’s popular to dress like this, it’s really beautiful!

For interior decoration, curtains should be installed in the bedroom and living room. Beautiful curtains can effectively improve the quality of interior decoration. In the installation of curtains, many of them are designed with Roman rods. In this way, the long rods are directly exposed on the wall, which is very unsightly and not practical enough. Therefore, smart people do not install curtains in this way now. Instead, use it instead, it’s beautiful!

First, more and more people don’t hang Roman poles on curtains

The appearance of Roman poles is very high-grade, and many friends will use them at home. However, if the home is decorated in Chinese style, it will be very uncoordinated. Roman poles are mainly European-style, so the decoration is not beautiful. .

This new type of decoration method is popular now, that is the way of curtain box, it is suitable for every decoration style, The curtain rod can be completely wrapped, and it will not be exposed outside like a Roman rod, so the integrity will be much better, and the installation of the curtain will be much more convenient. Even if you want to do it yourself, you can also install it yourself, and you don’t need to hire a professional master to do it. .

However, if you want to install curtain rods, you must first leave a groove when decorating the house, so that it will be used to install curtain boxes, making it more convenient for us to decorate later. Especially for young people who like unique personalities nowadays, if they use it to decorate, it will make the home appear grand and individual.

If you want to install curtain boxes at home, then don’t be limited to traditional decoration methods. Now you are using curtain boxes for decoration.

No matter how many years later, the curtain box will not be outdated, because it adapts to a wide range of styles, and more and more For convenience and beauty, many people will choose to use curtain boxes for decoration. The cost will not be higher than that of Roman poles, but the effect is better than Roman poles. Even if you want to change the style in the future, you only need to change the curtains. Remove the curtain box.

Second, curtain box construction and installation steps

If you need to install a curtain box for home curtain installation, you must pay attention to the installation method and construction quality of the curtain box. Let’s take a look at the following detailed introduction:

1. Positioning and marking:


To install the curtain box and curtain rod, the center should be positioned according to the position and elevation required by the design drawing, the leveling line should be played, the structural relationship such as the window and the mirror line should be found, and the wooden curtain box should be made of block board , and apply fire retardant paint.

2. Check the processed curtain boxes:

Check whether the types, specifications and assembly structures of the processed curtain boxes on site meet the design and installation requirements.

3. Curtain box (rod, rail) installation:

Install the curtain box: first determine the elevation according to the flat line, draw the center line of the curtain box, and align the center line of the curtain box when installing The center line of the window and the part of the box against the wall should be tightly attached, and the fixing method should be in accordance with the design requirements.

4. Install curtain rails:

This project is a concealed curtain box, and the dark curtain box should be installed with the track. Less than 30mm, the track should be kept in a straight line.

Third, the common quality problems of curtain box installation

1. The curtain box is loose:

The main reason for this problem When the curtain box (rod) is made, the rod eye is loose or the connection with the base body is not firm. If the rod eye is not tightly connected, the curtain box should be removed, and the rod eye should be repaired and reinstalled; if the connection with the base body is not firm, it should be Tighten the screws or add anchor points.

2. The curtain box is installed unevenly and incorrectly:

The main reasons for this kind of problem are: not careful in finding the position and drawing the dimension line, inaccurate installation of embedded parts, improper adjustment , in order to avoid this kind of problem, before installing the curtain box (rod), be sure to draw the line correctly, the elevation is consistent, and the center line is accurate.

3. The protruding lengths of the two ends of the curtain box are inconsistent:

The main reason for this problem is that the center of the window and the center of the curtain box are not aligned correctly, and the construction personnel are not serious about the operation .

4. Distortion of the front panel of the curtain box:

The main reason for this problem is that the drying treatment of the wood is not done well, or the material is damp during storage after entering the site. To avoid this problem, when installing the curtain box, you can paint it first.

If you want to install curtains, don’t buy Roman poles anymore. Use curtain boxes to look more high-end and more beautiful. In addition, everyone just remember that the material and pattern of the curtains should match the interior style, otherwise it will look nondescript!

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