Don’t hang curtains foolishly at home! Rich people decorate windows like this, hurry up and learn!

Choosing curtains for interior decoration has many advantages, such as sound insulation and light blocking, and house decoration. However, in fact, many new materials can also play the role of curtains, and the material cost is lower, and it does not need to be cleaned regularly like curtains. It is window film! Rich people nowadays like this material very much to replace curtains, so hurry up and learn!

One: Advantages and disadvantages of window film

1. Thermal insulation

The windows of many homeowners are single-layer glass, and temperature changes will affect the interior. After the window film is pasted, the indoor temperature can be effectively maintained.

2. Reduce glare

After the window film is pasted, the intensity of direct sunlight coming in from the outside will weaken a lot and increase Indoor comfort.

3. Isolate ultraviolet light

Window film can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays, protect indoor furniture, floors, etc., and prolong the service life of furniture.

4. Increase safety

The window film can block the outside line of sight, protect the privacy and safety of the owner, and effectively prevent debris from splashing when the window breaks, avoiding potential safety hazards.

5. Window film also has its disadvantages. The use time is limited, and foaming and curling will occur after long-term use.

6. Privacy that cannot be achieved, although it blocks the sight of the outside world to a certain extent, there will still be a figure. You can combine the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above to decide whether to buy window film. Hope the information above is helpful to you.

Two: Window glass film method

1. Preparation

(1) Before sticking the film on the window, check the film first. If there is no problem, you can measure the size of the glass first, and then cut the glass film according to this data to avoid errors when pasting it.

(2) When attaching the glass film, you can’t directly tear off the adhesive paper too much, first tear off a little, start from one corner, and then align this corner to the glass The corresponding position, and then slowly peel off the adhesive tape a little bit, and gradually paste it on the glass. During the whole process, there is no need to pay attention to whether there is any offset. If there is, it needs to be corrected in time.

2. Before cleaning

, you need to wash the glass thoroughly, then spray more water on it, and scrape it several times with the film until the glass is free of dandruff and shines brightly.

3. Spray water

You need to spray some water on the glass. After cleaning the glass, you need to spray a layer of water for better Paving to increase the compactness between them.

4. Separate

Spray some water on the film when sticking the film. The main purpose is to separate the two layers of film, and then spray some water on the glue surface of the film.

5. Scrape off

When applying the film, scrape off the water between the film and the glass, take care to scrape the water out slowly, and finally cut off the excess corners of the film, if there are bubbles or convex In the raised position, you need to press hard.

Three: Precautions for sticking window glass film

1. Because the film needs to be cut before sticking the glass film, one thing to remember is the cut film During the process, the area of the film must be about 1 to 2 cm larger than the glass, so that the film will be more convenient to stick. Secondly, in order not to produce air bubbles after the film is pasted, it can be pasted with a cross button positioning method. This method will greatly reduce the generation of air bubbles. .

2. Before applying the film, in addition to ensuring that the tools used are not damaged, the film should also be carefully inspected to see if the film has been scratched during transportation, so that it can be repaired after the film is pasted. Make the glass look brighter and smoother.

When decorating windows, friends can consider using window film instead of curtains, the cost is relatively low, and it saves time for maintenance . It is necessary to ensure safety when installing window film, and find professional workers to come to install it, so that it is safe and can guarantee the quality of the film.

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